About Me

A small town writer with big dreams, living & writing in Texas. My loves (in no certain order): reading, writing, painting, my family, my dog, my grandpups, drinking coffee, and chasing sunsets with my iphone.

I write about amateur sleuths stumbling upon dead bodies, getting themselves into precarious situations, and solving the whodunits. Think Monk or Murder She Wrote, but with a contemporary chick lit vibe. Oh, and at least one hot cop. 


  1. "Tasha's Toe Jam! I love it!

    You are so lucky to live on a farm and have all that fresh food! I've always dreamt of that--lots of wide open space for the kids to run around in. Except I couldn't live in Texas cause of all my exes. Har har! :D

    1. I just told the story of my first poem to a group of 6th graders yesterday. They cracked up over the subject. I wish, wish, wish I still had a copy of the poem!

  2. Hiya.

    Just wanted to say hello and let you know I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. The details are here: http://bit.ly/17cy552

    Have a great day!