Monday, March 13, 2017

Revision Thoughts: Kudos to the Canine Companion

Glen Ellen
Glen Ellen's face when I sat down with my Kindle and laptop to work on more polish edits this morning. 

Soon, I keep telling her... soon.

She's been my constant through the entire process of drafting, revising, and now polishing How to Leash a Thief. Sure, my family has also supported me and loved me through the process as well, but this girl... day in, day out, she's been literally at my side (and under my feet or in my lap). She's seen me laugh. Cry. Struggle. Prevail. Throw things. Stomp. Dance. Drink gallons of coffee. Consume copious amounts of Raisinettes. She witnessed the first words, and she heard me whisper, "The End". She watched me toss it into a drawer, and then, take it back out. And now, she will watch me publish. 
Fall 2012, revision break

August 2012, "The End"

Summer 2016, revision #144,678, lol

Fall 2016, polishing for beta reads

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