Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ohhhh.... A Cover Peek

I can't wait any longer. It's still a work in progress, but... here's a sneak peek at my cover!!! This image is the top / left portion of the cover. A sprinkle of cute. Tons of FUN. And a dash of mystery & Freaky Friday. It pretty much screams Steely, Cuff, and their story How to Leash a Thief, a quirky, humorous mystery! 

Complete cover reveal coming soon...

Write on~

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Writer's Lessons: Learning to Let it Go

There are many reasons this message continues to show itself to me. Most will bore you. The main one I wanted to discuss is writing.

Letting IT go. My baby. My jewel. My "secret" in the closet.

I subscribe to Writer Unboxed, a wealth of information blog about the craft and business of fiction writing. As I read today's post, "Learning to Outsource and to Let Go" the editor I've hired will also begin working today on How to Leash a Thief. A coincidence Writer Unboxed chose April 10th to post about this very subject? I think not.

Click Here to Read Today's Writer Unboxed Post
After years of solitary work, then many beta critiques, I pushed myself to "let it go" and outsource help. I can say with confidence, I trust my manuscript is in good hands. 

Where it goes from here... well, the sky is the limit.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Between Writing Projects: What Do You Do?

I like to give myself a 2 week break.

I fill my time with various creative outlets, but mostly painting. The sales of my artwork help support my writing and the creativity replenishes my well. Finishing How to Leash a Thief came at the perfect time. While I'm packaging up the manuscript to send off to my editor, I'm also gearing up for a big solo art exhibition which begins May 5th and will run through June 25th. The gallery owner and I talked about maybe having HTLAT ready for the big art show, but sigh... that didn't happen. I decided one is wisest not to rush the publishing process. Besides, Steely needs to have her own "opening show". She told me art would just steal her thunder and she isn't up for sharing her moment to shine. Lol.

I have another 8 days of writing rest, and finishing up some pieces for the show, and then, I will begin working on book 2 of my Steely & Cuff mysteries. 

Here's a peek at my art website. I haven't added any new images in the past month, as I'm waiting to unveil 10 new works at the show. If you follow me on Instagram and/or my (art) Facebook page both @gypsychickart, I've been posting sneak peeks of them.

What do you do in between writing? Do you take a break or move on to the next project right away?

Please feel free to also find me on Facebook @candilynnfite-writer.

~Write on!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Amateur Sleuth Writing Tool: Get One for Your Toolbox

Amateur Detectives: A Writer's Guide to How 
Private Citizens Solve Criminal Cases 
(Howdunit Writing)

Me on the day my copy arrived. Get yours HERE!

I promise, you won't be disappointed. It's priceless. I picked the used copy up on Amazon two years ago. According to my law enforcement hubs, despite the fact it was published in 1996, most of the information remains applicable.

Like Glen Ellen (my canine foot-warmer), this book has been at my side throughout the writing process of How to Leash a Thief. I've dragged it along on vacations, cruises, road trips, to coffee shops, libraries, parks... and though the cover is tattered and the pages are dog-earred, it's still my fa
vorite item in my writer's toolbox. ~Write on

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Revision Thoughts: Kudos to the Canine Companion

Glen Ellen
Glen Ellen's face when I sat down with my Kindle and laptop to work on more polish edits this morning. 

Soon, I keep telling her... soon.

She's been my constant through the entire process of drafting, revising, and now polishing How to Leash a Thief. Sure, my family has also supported me and loved me through the process as well, but this girl... day in, day out, she's been literally at my side (and under my feet or in my lap). She's seen me laugh. Cry. Struggle. Prevail. Throw things. Stomp. Dance. Drink gallons of coffee. Consume copious amounts of Raisinettes. She witnessed the first words, and she heard me whisper, "The End". She watched me toss it into a drawer, and then, take it back out. And now, she will watch me publish. 
Fall 2012, revision break

August 2012, "The End"

Summer 2016, revision #144,678, lol

Fall 2016, polishing for beta reads

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Polishing the Manuscript: Sparkle & Shine

I'm working through a final polishing pass, adding sparkle and shine. Switching out tired verbs for more colorful choices. Reading out loud. Checking for flow. Fine tuning dialogue. Cutting out the unnecessary. At this stage, I love reading my manuscript on the Kindle and tweaking on the computer as I go. Such a great method.

~Write on

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Taming a Character's Tongue with Alternative Curse Words

Tim Hawkins Substitute Swears

Especially for those southern, striving to be respectable characters, whom every once in a while let one slip.

For your writer's toolbox. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fixin' to Make a Comeback to This Site, Y'all!

I really never left, but hung out mostly on Facebook and focused my attention on my manuscript. I'm also still creating art and working for a small indie publishing company. :-)

I'm switching (trying... it's kicking my butt) this blog over to a custom domain and will use it as my author web presence. I've finished my adult humorous mystery, titled HOW TO LEASH A THIEF, and in the process of editing & tweaking & adding sparkle.

Still so twisted as to whether to go indie or small press. Recently, I've discovered a fabulous small press who specialize in HTLAT's genre, and would be a PERFECT fit. But for 2 years, I've been set on indie pub'ing. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Stay tuned... xoxo