Thursday, February 5, 2015

Happy Belated IWSG

I didn't forget. Really. Just swamped with getting a few projects wrapped up and my Etsy shop back up and running. Wednesdays are my only full day off, and I needed to get the work done. So, forgive me.

I have no (new) insecurities to expose. Just the usual, am I good enough to be a published writer insecurity. This one always creeps in when I'm in between projects, like now.

So, what's a creative soul to do to nurture her creativity while she's in between writing projects? Well, it's simple.

I recently got access to hundreds of outdated (not worth anything) tattered, hardcover non-fiction books. If I don't rescue them, they will be buried in the rubble of the house in which they are housed, soon to be bulldozed. Atrocious, I tell you. Even though I'd love to, I can't save them all. (At least I don't think I can. But maybe...) I have ten set aside for an altered book project I'm calling The Tattered Book Project. You can keep up with the progress on my facebook art page Gypsy Chick Art. Big <3 thank yous up front to all who "like" my new page. :D

Here's my favorite so far.

Front Cover (check out vintage spools)
Back Cover

Yes, they are old glasses attached to the top. 
Close up of her face

I've used various forms of ephemera under the paintings. Example is behind her face on the close up. You can somewhat make out the print from an old dictionary page. Each finished piece will include a "mini story". Like all forms of art, there's always a story to be revealed.


The Insecure Writer's Support Group
IWSG Facebook Page

Check out the IWSG website. It's a cyber safe haven where writers around the world can release their writerly fears or offer support and encouragement to others. A huge shout out to the co-hosts this month!

 Gwen Gardner, Dolorah, Sarah Foster,and M. Pax!

~Be well, friends!


  1. That's very clever! You turned them into works of art.
    No worries on a day late.

  2. I have that fear, too. I can't seem to find a publisher that doesn't want me to pay to publish my books.

    Any links you can share?

  3. I have the most books that no one wants! My own! Oh, well. Such is life. What a neat way to be creative with someone's cast aside dreams. This way they live on in style. Bravo!

  4. Such a creative soul, Candi! They're beautiful the way you embellish them, absolutely lovely :-)

  5. Such a cool way to revive old books. You're quite the artist, through and through! :)