Thursday, October 15, 2015

Still Alive & Kickin' & Artin'

Hello, lovely people!

I'm still on a blog hiatus, but I wanted to check in and say hi. I hope all of you are doing fabulous! Me? Doing some writing, lots of art, and making my gypsy kicks (pic below). My mystery novel is still resting, but I do have a new picture book idea brewing.

Anyone doing NaNoWriMo?

I unfortunately won't be able to this year, as a few of my pieces will be featured in a new art gallery opening in November in Round Top, Texas! (Posting a pic of one below.)

I hope to be back and blogging at the close of the autumn season.

I'm still on Facebook if you want to check in with me there and I also have an art page on Facebook as well. GypsyChickArt.

Until then, be well, my friends!

Write on~
Gypsy Kicks
"Feathered Familiar"
Acrylic on Canvas

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's Not Goodbye...

It's more like catch you later on down the road.

I'm still here. Still alive. Still writing. But I've spread myself too thin. So much has changed for me recently, in a drastic way, and I'm not sure what the future holds for this blog. The reasons for starting my blog in 2010 are no longer a priority. My goals have shifted. I found over the years trying to keep up with it interfered with my writing. I can't allow myself to lose sight of my goal, my dream.

Some folks can do it all. I am not one of them.

I know I've stated my hesitations before, and I've made promises I didn't keep. But something must change. For now, I'll keep the blog up and check in at least once a month so folks know I'm still breathing. But I've decided to remove myself from any blog lists / groups I'm signed up for. It's not fair to others who are participating, who stop by wondering if I've fallen off the planet.

My goal is to put forth all of my writerly energy into my novel. It's why I began this journey in the first place.

Hope you all understand. Be well, my friends & write on~

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Happy Belated IWSG

I didn't forget. Really. Just swamped with getting a few projects wrapped up and my Etsy shop back up and running. Wednesdays are my only full day off, and I needed to get the work done. So, forgive me.

I have no (new) insecurities to expose. Just the usual, am I good enough to be a published writer insecurity. This one always creeps in when I'm in between projects, like now.

So, what's a creative soul to do to nurture her creativity while she's in between writing projects? Well, it's simple.

I recently got access to hundreds of outdated (not worth anything) tattered, hardcover non-fiction books. If I don't rescue them, they will be buried in the rubble of the house in which they are housed, soon to be bulldozed. Atrocious, I tell you. Even though I'd love to, I can't save them all. (At least I don't think I can. But maybe...) I have ten set aside for an altered book project I'm calling The Tattered Book Project. You can keep up with the progress on my facebook art page Gypsy Chick Art. Big <3 thank yous up front to all who "like" my new page. :D

Here's my favorite so far.

Front Cover (check out vintage spools)
Back Cover

Yes, they are old glasses attached to the top. 
Close up of her face

I've used various forms of ephemera under the paintings. Example is behind her face on the close up. You can somewhat make out the print from an old dictionary page. Each finished piece will include a "mini story". Like all forms of art, there's always a story to be revealed.


The Insecure Writer's Support Group
IWSG Facebook Page

Check out the IWSG website. It's a cyber safe haven where writers around the world can release their writerly fears or offer support and encouragement to others. A huge shout out to the co-hosts this month!

 Gwen Gardner, Dolorah, Sarah Foster,and M. Pax!

~Be well, friends!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Drum Roll Please... It's Time for the Cover Reveal of THE ONE THING!

*tosses confetti*

I have the honor of taking part in the cover reveal of THE ONE THING, written by my wickedly talented agency sister and twin Lyn, Marci Lyn Curtis! I'm currently reading THE ONE THING, and folks, it is a-maaaze-ing!

But enough from me, let's get to the awesomesauce!

Stunning cover, right?!

Now, prepare to swoon...


Coming September 8th, 2015


A soaring tale of life and love, of sacrifice and renewal, and learning to see people as they really are.

Maggie Sanders might be blind, but she won't invite anyone to her pity party. Ever since losing her sight six months ago, Maggie's rebellious streak has taken on a life of its own, culminating with an elaborate school prank. Maggie called it genius. The judge called it illegal.

Now Maggie has a probation officer. But she isn't interested in rehabilitation, not when she's still mourning the loss of her professional soccer dreams, and furious at her so-called friends, who lost interest in her as soon as she could no longer lead the team to victory.

When Maggie first meets Ben, she thinks she can add crazy to her list of problems. But the precocious ten-year-old isn't a hallucination. Maggie can actually see him. She immediately befriends the kid, desperate for any chance to see again.

It turns out Ben's older brother is Mason Milton, the ridiculously hot lead singer of Maggie's new favorite band. Music is the first thing that has made Maggie feel alive since losing her sight. But when she learns the real reason she can see Ben, Maggie must find the courage to face a once-unimaginable future...before she loses everything she has grown to love.

*Cue in Ooohs & Ahhhs*

Let me introduce, my gorgeous twin Lyn, Marci Lyn Curtis!

Marci Curtis grew up in Northern California, where she went to college and met an amazing guy in a military uniform. Two college-aged kids and one dachshund later, she lives in Maryland, where she laughs too loudly and eats peanut butter off spoons. Her YA contemporary debut, The One Thing, comes out September 8th, 2015 via Disney-Hyperion. Learn more about Marci at her website.

Marci's having a giveaway over at her website. You don't want to miss out on a chance of winning THESE. Adorableness!

Where can you find out more? Well, I'm glad you asked!


Thanks for stopping by! I'm sure I speak for Marci as well, we're gushing with gratitude! <3

~Write on, y'all! Be back on Wed. for my IWSG post.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Welcome 2015 & January IWSG

Elaine knew how to celebrate!
The animated version was hilarious,
but so distracting!
For me, the beginning of a new year is about reaching & striving, setting goals, accomplishing tasks, and continuing to seek happiness. At the close of 2014 (even though it took me the better part of the year), I sent my manuscript to my agent. A definite reason to celebrate! 

As I settle into the first few days of 2015, I'm focusing on the next 12 months. Hopes. Goals. Dreams. Personal Promises.


My agent loves my manuscript
Edits are manageable and fun and accomplished in a timely manner
My business, Be the Tree Yoga continues to succeed
I find the time and freedom to paint


Continue to push HOW TO LEASH A THIEF towards publication
Blog more
Blog makeover
Work 2 new classes into weekly yoga schedule
Do some advertising for yoga biz
Get closets cleaned out and donate stuff
Nurture my friendships
Set up a permanent painting space
Feed my muse by...
Writing more
Gardening more
Painting more
Reading more


It's quite simple (and hasn't changed much in the past few years) PUBLISH SOMETHING!!!

Personal Promises

Do things that make me happy
Make time for more yoga (just for me)
Share my heart with loved ones, friends, and those who buy my chairs (It means supporting the things I do)
Stop being hurt by those who don't buy my chairs
Love, nurture, and enjoy my family
Don't fret
Be happy
Be me
And above all...
Seek grace, not perfection

"She Sought Grace" is part of my She Heals series


It's the 1st IWSG post for 2015! If you haven't heard about this awesome group, check out the IWSG website. This month's fabulous co-hosts are: Elizabeth Seckman, Lisa Buie-Collard, Chrys Fey, and Michelle Wallace!

The IWSG is also on Facebook

This month we're asked to share a little about ourselves. To save space in this post, my Google bio up to the left is a 95-word intro to me. :)

Write on, folks!