Friday, April 11, 2014

My Writing Process Blog Tour

My lovable, hugable, & uber-talented agency sister, Marci Lyn Curtis invited me to do the My Writing Process blog tour. Since I'm swinging from a new rung on the monkey bars (switching genres), I thought, what a fun way to publicly announce it! 

First, a bit of creative fun I crafted on Tagxedo about my novel.

1.) What am I working on?

In December, two things happened to me simultaneously; I hit a slump w/ picture book writing and lost my mother. My soul was face down on the floor, but the writer-girl (picture superheroine in cape) inside yanked my soul up by its heartstrings and said, Get up & write, you numbskull! Something had to change.

So, I set aside my picture book project and began revising a New Adult manuscript I drafted during NaNo in 2010. Without letting the plot proverbial cat out of the bag, let’s just say, I LOVE this manuscript! 

Here’s what a beta reader of the first 50 pgs. said, “Although, I do love your PB stories, >THIS< voice needs to be heard.”
2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? (*Disclaimer: IMO, in my opinion. Not to start a genre discussion.)

*IMO, from what I've read so far, NA fiction feels very contemporary-ish and / or romancey. I also *believe the NA genre remains in a developing phase. It’s like a juicy bowl of Jell-O, solidifying in the fridge. Will it eventually include subgenres, i.e. mystery, horror, romance etc?

(At this point) How does my story differ? *IMO, even though my NA story is contemporary and has romance, it focuses a lot on the mystery and suspense elements, reading more like a southern sexy cozy.

3) Why do I write what I do? The answer is simple. I enjoy it. Whether I’m writing stories for children, teens, or currently, new adults, the plots always contain themes centering around my own reading interests. Write what you want to read. Right?

4) How does my writing process work? Ideas, characters, and plots always (I repeat, always) appear at the most inopportune times. I can be driving, shopping, gardening, doing yoga, reading the paper, watching the news, eating at a restaurant, getting new tires, or in my NA story’s case, secretly stalking the Citizen’s on Patrol unit around town, when an idea suddenly takes me by the throat, forcing my butt to the computer chair.

My writing process goes something like this: Write. Read. Revise. Repeat.

I do this until someone tells me to stop.

I'm passing the torch to one of my favorite and talented blogger buddies, Randi Lee. Such a beautiful sweetie-pie! Watch for her Writing Process post next week!

Randi Lee is a writer, blogger and marketing professional who currently lives in Western Massachusetts. An actress first, Randi often blends her theatre studies in with her writing technique. Several years ago she published a book of short stories and poetry and has been featured in numerous publications, both online and in print. Randi’s latest collection of short stories and poetry will be available in May. She provides tips, advice and laughs on her blog—The Emotional Process of Writing a Novel.


Write on, y'all~


  1. I LOVE this post, Candy ;) Can't wait to get my hands on that juicy-bowl-of-Jello WIP of yours! Thanks for the shout out! xoxo

  2. Randi Lee is awesome!
    I have a strange craving for Jello now...

  3. a.) Alex's comment just made my week! b.) I really, really want to read this WIP of yours! c.) thanks for mentioning me :D and d.) I'm so sorry to hear about your mother--I know how it is to lose a parent. But you're strong, determined and all around amazing for bouncing back the way that you have! You're an inspiring chica, chica!

  4. Congratulations to Candilynn and Randi Lee! Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  5. xoxo, right back at ya, Marci. :)
    You're so funny, Alex!
    Randi, a. me too. b. when it's ready. c. you're welcome. d. thanks, sweetie.

  6. I enjoyed this post. Your number two listed above sold me on the book already, so now I've joined your blog as a follower and plan to watch what you come up with. :-)