Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March IWSG: It's a Wonderful Writerly Life

Seriously, folks. As I sit here writing this IWSG post, I'm counting my lucky stars. I have a gift. I'm not talking about my writing (although, I consider it a gift as well), I'm talking about opportunity. The opportunity to write. A fabulous family who supports my creative, quirky, I-don't-do-the-9-5-job-thingy, writerly life. I have the luxury of teaching yoga, which boosts my creativity and allows me the time & energy to write. Yes, It's a wonderful writerly life. 

Take a moment and think about all the wonderful aspects of your writerly life. What gifts do you hold which allow you to be the writer you are? Acknowledge them. Honor them. It's good to be thankful. It's amazing when you stop and consider all the wonderfulness in your life, how the good stuff just keeps coming. Try it. :)

Writing Update: On March 1st, I joined Author Denise Jaden's March Madness challenge. This will be my 3rd year to participate. We use the #Wipmadness hashtag over at Twitter. This year, I'm using the challenge to whip my NA ms into shape. Revising. Adding. Deleting. Plot tweaking. Fleshing out characters. Since Saturday, I've spent 31 hours on the ms and sifted through 42 pages. I'm a mad-wipster, and I'm having a revision party. :)


If you've never visited my blog before, I'm a huge fan of the Insecure Writer's Support Group (IWSG), founded by Alex Cavanaugh. Across the globe, we meet (online, of course!) the 1st Wednesday of the month to express our writerly fears to the world or offer support & encouragement to others. Nothing wrong about expressing our insecurities, we've all be there before. Feel free to join us! Thanks to Tina DowneyElsieElizabeth Seckman, & Julie Flanders for co-hosting this month! You can also join the IWSG on Facebook.

Pens & Poses

On April 26th I'll be presenting my Pens & Poses yoga and writing program at The Writing Barn in Austin, TX. You can click on either of the links above to find out more information. 

Tell me something good in the comment section! What's new? What makes your writerly life fabulous? Are you an IWSG'er? Interested how yoga can boost your creativity?

Write on, folks! See y'all next month~


  1. Knock 'em dead when you present that program!
    Yes, when we stop to think about it, the blessings really do outweigh all the bad stuff.

  2. Wow, you are busy! Happy IWSG day!

  3. Definitely, Alex!
    Thank you, Molly. You too. :)

  4. Take time to enjoy your family and just living amidst all that flurry! Whew! I am tired just reading your schedule! You will do just fine with your program. It is not in you to do less than your best. Great post.

  5. Yoga and writing? How fun.
    Love the positive tone and nature of your blog. What makes my writerly life fabulous? Well, today is being here, and participating in IWSG, but generally speaking just being able to get all those thoughts roaming through my head on paper/computer screen, then reading all that and saying, wow, that's a good story, even if it needs editing, tightening and the like. But it's there.
    Good luck with Pens &Poses. Sounds really exciting.
    Silvia @

  6. You teach yoga too? Cool! And I can't wait to read your NA. I'm talking about writerly gratitude over at Writer's Alley.

  7. It is so great to have support. This awesome, yet crazy notion of writing pulls us in so many directions that having the stabilizing influence of my family keeps me going.

    Leanne Ross ( & @LeanneRossRF )

  8. Lol, Roland. Actually my schedule is quite doable for me. But I don't have a full-time job either. Hope you're feeling better!

    Silvia, Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my blog. So glad you joined the IWSG. :)

    Yup, Catherine, I do. I'm headed over to Writer's Alley... but not sure how to find it. Is there a link?

    Hi Leanne! Support is so important to have. Glad you have it as well. :)

  9. What a great way to look at it. I need to remember this! Good luck with your presentation and with the March Challenge!

  10. I love the positive focus. Yes, so many times I just feel incredibly grateful i GET to do this!

  11. Yoga and writing together sounds fun. I need to get back to my yoga... pronto.

  12. Goodness you're busy. And you're right about counting blessings. Good luck, you mad wipster!! lol

  13. Wow, you teach yoga! I'm very impressed. I used to do yoga years ago, but was never very flexible. I've always been jealous of flexible people.

  14. I'm taking the publishing plunge. I'm not sure I'd call it 'fabulous.' (I'm too stressed.) But it's definitely something. LOL

    Good to *see* you again. Glad things are going well for you. :)

  15. I've not had much of a writerly life these days. My day job got a bit busy. I'm hoping to make some progress this year!

  16. Such a great attitude. We all need to take time now and then to remember how lucky we are. :)

  17. Candilynn, I told you that you were amazing on Facebook and I'll tell you again here: YOU'RE AMAZING! I love this post and how wise it is. I love your attitude. Your message is pure gold and I'm going to link to it (that's right, I'm coming back to blogging!) in tonight's ceremonial "Randi returns to the blogosphere" post. You go get em at that presentation, girlie. I'm sure you're going to do a fantastic job!!

    As for luck? I'm lucky to have people like you to be inspired by!

  18. Love, love, love all the positive responses here! Thank you to all. :)

    Randi, you're a peach!!