Friday, March 28, 2014

Wait. What? Another Mid-Month Post? Melissa Maygrove's Cover Teaser!!

Warning: Blog author overuses exclamation points and all caps when excited.

In anticipation of her debut cover reveal on Monday, March 31st, Melissa Maygrove is sharing some teaser images this week. A trivia question has been paired with each one. It’s a contest! (Yay, we LOVE contests!!)

Hop around to participating blogs and collect all 7 answers, then give them to Melissa by Saturday. Your answers don’t have to be correct to win, but you must submit a complete list by the deadline to be entered in the drawing for the giveaway. (Did she say, GIVEAWAY??)

The prize is a free e-copy of her book once it’s published and a $10 gift certificate to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble. (We LOVE prizes, too!!)

(I bet you're asking, HOW COOL IS THIS??)

‘Sometimes a single choice
alters the course of a person's life forever.’

Come Back
Western Historical Romance
Adult / New Adult
Coming May 2014
Teaser images designed by Carrie Butler,
Forward Authority Design Services


Check Melissa’s blog for links to all the questions. Submit your answers to her email, melissamaygrove(at)gmail(dot)com, or use the contact form found on her blog. *Deadline for entries is Saturday, March 29th at midnight central time. A randomly drawn winner will be announced in the cover reveal post on her blog on Monday, March 31st. She’ll list the answers to the questions then, too. (Cover reveal Monday!! SQUEALS!!!)

If you’d like to be notified of important events, like cover reveals and releases, consider signing up for Melissa’s newsletter. You can do the on the home page of her website, (YES, you can sign up, too!!!)

Isn't this EXCITING and FUN?! Don't forget to check out Melissa's cover reveal on Monday, March 31!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Molly Blaisdell's PLUMB CRAZY News!!

***Warning: This post uses a high number of exclamation points and an overuse of all caps (aka shouting from the rooftop). Earplugs may be necessary.

You might be asking yourself, "What the heck? C.F. blogging in the middle of the month... huh?"

There are times when I'm willing (AND SUPER-DUPER-FREAKING EXCITED) to crawl out of my writing cave to help support another writer. 


Join me in celebrating with Molly Blaisdell today! Her cover for PLUMB CRAZY (out in June by Swoon Romance) is out, folks!!! I've plastered all over my FB and Twitter, and now I'm revealing it here! 

Drum roll please...


The cover is simply FABULOUS!

"A Romance Unplugged Novel" LOVING IT!!!

And the plunger... So. Much. FUN!!!

Where can you find Molly?
Her Blog

And you can even add PLUMB CRAZY to your TBR list on Goodreads!

Feel free to CHEER her on in the comments below!!!

*FYI, you may experience a burning sensation in the throat after shouting.

And now back to revisions~

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March IWSG: It's a Wonderful Writerly Life

Seriously, folks. As I sit here writing this IWSG post, I'm counting my lucky stars. I have a gift. I'm not talking about my writing (although, I consider it a gift as well), I'm talking about opportunity. The opportunity to write. A fabulous family who supports my creative, quirky, I-don't-do-the-9-5-job-thingy, writerly life. I have the luxury of teaching yoga, which boosts my creativity and allows me the time & energy to write. Yes, It's a wonderful writerly life. 

Take a moment and think about all the wonderful aspects of your writerly life. What gifts do you hold which allow you to be the writer you are? Acknowledge them. Honor them. It's good to be thankful. It's amazing when you stop and consider all the wonderfulness in your life, how the good stuff just keeps coming. Try it. :)

Writing Update: On March 1st, I joined Author Denise Jaden's March Madness challenge. This will be my 3rd year to participate. We use the #Wipmadness hashtag over at Twitter. This year, I'm using the challenge to whip my NA ms into shape. Revising. Adding. Deleting. Plot tweaking. Fleshing out characters. Since Saturday, I've spent 31 hours on the ms and sifted through 42 pages. I'm a mad-wipster, and I'm having a revision party. :)


If you've never visited my blog before, I'm a huge fan of the Insecure Writer's Support Group (IWSG), founded by Alex Cavanaugh. Across the globe, we meet (online, of course!) the 1st Wednesday of the month to express our writerly fears to the world or offer support & encouragement to others. Nothing wrong about expressing our insecurities, we've all be there before. Feel free to join us! Thanks to Tina DowneyElsieElizabeth Seckman, & Julie Flanders for co-hosting this month! You can also join the IWSG on Facebook.

Pens & Poses

On April 26th I'll be presenting my Pens & Poses yoga and writing program at The Writing Barn in Austin, TX. You can click on either of the links above to find out more information. 

Tell me something good in the comment section! What's new? What makes your writerly life fabulous? Are you an IWSG'er? Interested how yoga can boost your creativity?

Write on, folks! See y'all next month~