Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Writerly Wednesday: What If You Weren't Born a Creative?

I hear many writers say, "I can't do this! I wasn't born creative." No sweat. Raise the creative inside you. Feed it. Nurture it. Mold it. Find what sends shivers down your spine. What puts the twinkle in your eyes? You have to hunt it. For some, creativity doesn't fall out of the sky. Whatever you do, don't give up. Just because you weren't born a creative doesn't mean you can't learn how to harness the gift.

I'm a firm believer in, we all have a creative side. Somewhere.

Read Melissa Donovan's article How to Foster Creativity in Writing.

Need some tips about molding your creative side? Check out Marelisa Fabrega's post on 25 Ways to be More Creative.

Not enough? Here are 24 More Tips!

Don't beat yourself up. You can't walk around feeling sorry for yourself. Pouting certainly won't bring on your creative side. Ignite your own fire. Hone your creativity. 

Nature or nurture? It doesn't matter which infuses the creativity into your writing. Don't get caught up in whether or not you were born a creative. In the end, it's not important. What truly matters is how a writer utilizes their creativity. It's the magic created when the writer and the words meet on the page.

On Friday, I will share more about creativity on a personal level.

~Have a writerly week, y'all. Now, go. Create! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Writerly Wednesday: My First Author Interview Is A Green Alien!

I remember the first time, Ace ever commented on my blog. I thought it was a prank! Here was this silly person talking about gummy worms and farts in his comments. I stalked him online and found him on Twitter. I tweeted him trying to find out who he was. I didn't even recognize the last name! Am I a gullible girl or what?

Before Ace Hansen beams down from his spaceship, please adjust your gas masks. Just in case. I've heard there's been a green mystery gas floating around.

So, hi there Ace! Welcome to my little nook of cyber space! Even though you'd probably like to chat about gummy worms, I'd like to ask you a few questions about your book. Are you up for it? I'm down with that, Pretty Earth Lady.

Aw, he said I was pretty. *blushes*

I have to say, the blurb on the back of your book makes me giggle. Blurb:  "When a mysterious green gas crisis breaks wind, the Global Air Group (GAG) offers one-million dollar prize the first person to discover the cause." "Breaks wind" and "GAG" are a hilarious play on words. How did you come up with the name Global Air Group? I first called it the Clean Air Group, but CAG wasn't funny, so I found a G word to make it GAG. Then I headquartered it in Los Angeles (hee, hee).

GAG is downright funny. Love it! I've lived in L.A. before. It is sometimes smoggy.

Will you tell us a bit about Julius Caesar Brown, your main character? JCB is an Earth boy who won't give up no matter how bad things get. 

Sounds like a great kiddo!

Ace, would you care to share with us how you came up with the idea for your book? Breath mint commercial. 

Very intriguing. Maybe we writers should watch more commercials.

How long did it take you to write JCBATGGM? I believe I wrote the first draft in a month. We aliens are speedy. 

Wozers! You little green guys are speedy writers!

Did you have assistance from an earthling? If so, whom? A group of Twitter junkies who are mad about whips or WIPS or something strange like that. They helped me whip it into shape.

Hey, I know them! #WipMadness. They're one groovy group of wild writers.

Who was your very favorite character to write about? Mrs. Crabtree. She's cool.

What's up with Miss Crabtree? If she is zombie or what? Or what.

Guess I'll have to finish the book to find out what she is!

Can you tell us a little bit more about the bully, Jake the Snake? He's a slippery one, but not very smart. Mean kids stink worse than green farts!

There you go again, talking about farts. 

So, I've read the first part of your book, and there seems to be a fair share of boy characters and girl characters. Will your book appeal to boys and girls? The book's got loads of girl power. So yeah, girls'll love it, too. 

Girls rock.

Are you working on a new project? And if so can you give us a hint? Time travel. Soon as I can get my spaceship working again, I'll stay here in AZ, but travel 1,000 years back to meet some cool natives.

I <3 me some time travel.

And one last question, what's up with all the gassy talk? I'm dying to know! Does Julius have a problem with gas, or is it you? I promise not to tell anyone! Everyone has a problem with gas at one time or another. Don't you?

Um, I think I'll pass (no, not gas!) on answering Ace's question. TMI.

So there y'all have it. An alien author interview. WHOA! WATCH OUT! Phew, that was close. Ace's crafty little spaceship zoomed right over my head, emitting a green oozy gas. Hmm...

Follow Ace Hansen on Twitter @AceHansenMG , Facebook or check out his website.

Got a youngster who's dying for a great summer read? If not, want your funny bone tickled? Here's how you can order your copy today!


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Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun Fictional Friday: Sneak Peek into Next Week's Gaseous Event

Raise your hand if you snicker when someone farts? Please. Stop your fibbin'. 

Growing up in a family of seven, passing gas was drop-to-the-floor-rolling kind of funny. I'm forty-something, and I still think it's hilarious. Except maybe in my yoga classes, where I attempt to wear my teacher zen face and be all, like, it's a natural bodily function, everyone. Carry on. 

Do I have a gaseous event for y'all next Wednesday! Author Ace Hansen, promised to hover his UFO over my blog and pay us a visit. He apologizes ahead of time for the mysterious green gas O_O.

I'm silly-stoked to announce Ace Hansen released his middle grade novel JULIUS CAESAR BROWN AND THE GREEN GAS MYSTERY today! Of course, he had the assistance of his human minion  Angelina Hansen. Click on either of their links or the image below to buy your copy today! I couldn't wait. I bought mine 15 minutes ago :D.
Buy Today!

Come back next Wednesday for a full interview w/ Ace. Warning: You may want to pack a gas mask.

Congrats to Angelina & her Little Green Buddy, Ace!!! May y'all spread green gas across the galaxy.

P.S. Ace promises not to pass silent-but-deadly (SBD)  gas, but only if you bring him gummy worms.

Happy Friday, y'all~

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Writerly Wednesday: Do You Write for Children...

If so, do you even like children? Teens? Do you have time for them, their questions? You should. Just saying. 

My daughter had an experience with a well-known, award-winning YA author a while back. It was an AP English author project, with bonus points if their chosen author answered 5 short emailed questions. My daughter did not get her bonus points. 

The author's answer to her email: "I graduated high school a long time ago. Please refer to my website to answer your questions."

I was mortified, as was my daughter who chose this author based on her admiration for the author's books.

My pain resurfaced when I recently read how this author was one of "the best YA authors of all time".

I won't hash out too many ugly details of the experience, who it was, or my daughter's embarrassment, but I was curious, would you give a reader a few minutes of your time to answer an email? Don't you think we owe our time to the readers who help make us what we are?

On a lighter note...

The sweet 3 Ups Blog Hop is the brainchild of Randi Lee. Make sure to stop by her blog and congratulate her on her most recent publishing success. Way to go, Randi!!

I give my 3 Ups to blogger Deanie Humphrys-Dunne! A super-sweet writer / blogger.

1st Up: Deanie has a gentle spirit about her. What horsey gal wouldn't? I've owned horses before. Actually we recently (last month) gave all three to a family friend. Our TX drought hasn't been kind to our pastures, and they were literally eating us out of house and home! But I know, horse people are unique. They're kind and gentle. They have to be; horses are sensitive creatures. They can see right through us, straight into our souls. Deanie's a special person. :)

2nd Up: She takes the time to interview fellow authors, featuring their stories and their books on her blog. Introducing authors on your blog is one of the kindest tributes bloggers can offer another writer. 

3rd Up: She writes for children! Another reason she's special. Check out her equine books:  

Author of Tails of Sweetbrier
Charlie the Horse
Charlene the Star
Charlene the Star and Hatties Heroes
All available on Amazon. Visit her page to view her books HERE

Have a writerly week! See y'all Friday~

Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Fictional Fun: What Can Writers Learn From Lucille Ball?

In memory of Lucille Ball
Early this morning, I caught the docudrama LUCY (Lucille Ball played by actress Rachel York) on the Sony Movie Ch. Who doesn't love a little Lucy? I haven't laughed out loud this much in weeks. 

While watching the movie, it dawned on me how writers can learn from Lucille Ball and her quest to be humorous. Practice makes perfect. It's a simple concept.

She practiced her lines, hours upon hours in the mirror, folks. Her character, facial expressions, animation, reactions, and pacing. She observed herself over and over, until she reached perfection. The ultimate product. Amusement. Her goal was to make the audience laugh, and she did.

The best LOL moment this morning (and there were lots) was the scene when she practiced in the mirror for the Vitameatavegamin episode.

Practicing her facial expressions for lines such as, "Do you poop out at parties?" & "It's so tasty, too!" were priceless.

Here's the YouTube video for the scene from the show itself. Observe her facial expressions, character, pacing, reactions and animation. Pure genius.

Lucille Ball had talent, but she had to practice to be perfect, to master her craft. 

We writers can learn from her practice. We write over and over. Revise, read aloud, perfect word choice, study character, voice, pacing, and tone. We write until we achieve perfection, master our craft. The ultimate product. Story. Our goal is to craft a story someone will adore.

All it takes is practice. Determination. The ability to see our goals, latch onto them, and never let go.

Look into the mirror (sit at your keyboard), practice those lines (rewrite until you master it), and make people laugh (produce a superb story).

Happy writing & have fun doing it, y'all~


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Writerly Wednesday: July IWSG & Please Forgive Me!

I'm here. Floundering near the bottom of a mucky-bottomed pond. Revisions. Revisions. Revisions. I'm so exhausted, I can't even type an explanation point, but know this, the statements above need them. Lots of them.

I'm actually embarrassed. One of my good writer / SCBWI buddies signed up for IWSG recently. She came to my blog this morning, for her 1st IWSG and had to comment on a post from two Fridays ago. Big hugs go out to Molly. I'm so proud you made this leap. ;)

Please go give Molly a HUGE, warm IWSG welcome, folks!

I have no excuses, except, I'm revising. Important revising. As in this is serious business revising. Don't feel sorry for me; I can handle anything. Just please forgive me and my lack of attention, posts, and blog visits. *on hands and knees*

I've already apologized on FB and Twitter, but now, I have to apologize to all of you, bloggy friends. 

Know that I xoxoxo y'all, and I'll be back very soon.

For July's IWSG post, I found this hilarious Inkygirl Comic. I'm at this point in the game, folks. I'm sure you all know Debbie's comics, but if you don't please check them out HERE
"Waiting for the Critique"
Used with permission from Debbie Ridpath Ohi at

As for IWSG, go here to find out more information on this awesome group. Alex, cheers to you and your helpful co-host bloggers this month. You all rock. :)