Wednesday, October 9, 2013

R.L. Stine, James Preller, & a Cemetery Lit Crawl... I'm So There

I'm not one for huge crowds. I usually avoid them at all costs. But for this event, I'm willing to make an exception. 

On October 26-27, the Texas Book Festival will be in Austin. It's the country's 5th largest book festival, and what's even better, it's free. 

When I discovered one of my favs, Children's Horror Author, R.L. Stine would be there @ 1:00 p.m., I cleared my calendar. 
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As if this wasn't already going to make my year...

I found out R.L. Stine, along with author James Preller would be leading a Lit Crawl at the Texas State Cemetery. 

Whoa! Can I just say, I think I've died and gone to creepy Candilynn Heaven? 

I'm so there, dude & dudettes. So there.

Anyone near Austin want to join me for the Festival on Saturday, Oct. 26th?

~Write on, folks!


  1. Hey, that' so freaking cool! I've heard RL speak, and he is surprisingly geeky and funny. (In other words, non-threatening).

  2. Sounds like fun, but I will be preparing for a visit in Salem, MA :D

    Have a great time in Texas!

  3. It's a bit of a drive for me, but it sounds like a blast! And free--double bonus.

  4. It sounds wonderful! I hope you have great time! :-)

  5. Catherine, I'm really looking forward to hearing him speak. So much fun!
    Marci, me too!! We'd have a ton of fun together. :)
    Alex, yeah, can't wait. Two weeks away!
    Diane, Oooh, Salem. Now, that'll be fun!
    Michael, the TX Book Fest. is huge, and yeah, I'm surprised it's still free.
    Lexa, thanks!
    Catherine, hey friend! I think they're just playing on words being that it's being held in a cemetery and I heard someone's reading a scary story to kick off the cemetery tour.

  6. So awesome! Definitely envious. :-)