Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Writerly Wednesday: July IWSG & Please Forgive Me!

I'm here. Floundering near the bottom of a mucky-bottomed pond. Revisions. Revisions. Revisions. I'm so exhausted, I can't even type an explanation point, but know this, the statements above need them. Lots of them.

I'm actually embarrassed. One of my good writer / SCBWI buddies signed up for IWSG recently. She came to my blog this morning, for her 1st IWSG and had to comment on a post from two Fridays ago. Big hugs go out to Molly. I'm so proud you made this leap. ;)

Please go give Molly a HUGE, warm IWSG welcome, folks!

I have no excuses, except, I'm revising. Important revising. As in this is serious business revising. Don't feel sorry for me; I can handle anything. Just please forgive me and my lack of attention, posts, and blog visits. *on hands and knees*

I've already apologized on FB and Twitter, but now, I have to apologize to all of you, bloggy friends. 

Know that I xoxoxo y'all, and I'll be back very soon.

For July's IWSG post, I found this hilarious Inkygirl Comic. I'm at this point in the game, folks. I'm sure you all know Debbie's comics, but if you don't please check them out HERE
"Waiting for the Critique"
Used with permission from Debbie Ridpath Ohi at

As for IWSG, go here to find out more information on this awesome group. Alex, cheers to you and your helpful co-host bloggers this month. You all rock. :)


  1. Been there and apologized for that. Writing always has to come first, we are a forgiving group. At least I've found it so. Keep writing, and great post for on the fly! Funny too!

  2. Sorry you're drowning in revisions. Thanks for sending Molly to the group. She's already visited my blog and as soon as I catch up, I will visit her.

  3. I hug you back, Candi! I know all this work is going to cause good things to spring! I know it!

    The comic, you know I'm that insecure. Thanks for that.

    This has been an overwhelming day. I wanted to post on every blog, but I'm settling for 100. I feel I am in the middle of good company. Amazing.

  4. You're forgiven.
    Going over to see Molly... :)

    IWSG #118 until Alex culls the list again.

  5. Your dream comes first. That's why you started blogging in the first place, right? May your revisions, etc. go at warp speed now! :-)

  6. My goodness, Candilynn, it's not like you're the first person to miss some posts. We've all done it, although your serious-revision-business is a better excuse than I usually have! Good luck on those revisions! :-)

  7. I received a wonderful visit from Molly and went by her place as well to give her writerly love :-)

    Revisions are a bugger. Keep writing and revising. Can't wait to see the beauties that rise from all your hard work :-)

  8. Haha...that's how I am when I give my wife a chapter to read, lurking over her shoulder, and she gets so frustrated with me. I need to know what you think now! Haha. We put so much work into something we wrote, give it to someone, and want the feedback instantaneously. Or maybe that's just me. Revisions are tough, frustrating, and seemingly my condolences. I hope you have a very happy holiday!

  9. Don't worry, revising is a legitimate excuse :)

  10. Yolanda, you have no idea how "on the fly" this post was! Seconds after my Molly nudge, I logged in and wrote it in about 10 mins. My mind is fried.
    Alex, thanks for your support.
    Molly, 100 posts?? You rock!
    Melissa, you're a peach.
    Lexa, no, I know. But I feel like a total loser. Even my last post, I hardly returned comments.
    Angela, thx for visiting Molly. She's a great friend and I know she loved all the visits yesterday. :)
    Michael, isn't that the truth. The 1st person I give my work to is my 15 year old. She's a grammar nerd. Big time. When I see her red pen scratching, my first comment is, "Already? Sheesh!"
    Lara, Thanks!
    Laura, :)

  11. You know, every month I think to myself, I should just take this month off because I really need to spend more time on the novels! I'm always glad when I manage to scrape together another post though. IWSG is such a great group.
    Great little comic strip there! That's exactly how I feel. Every minute I wait for feedback on something I'm absolutely sure my reader will hate it! (I'm always double happy when they don't!)

  12. May your mucking about in the mud bring you a diamond or two.

  13. Kirsten, it's funny. I really don't schedule my time off (from blogging). It just happens. It seems if I plan it, things never work out. Obstacles present themselves and I never get the work done I planned to do. My time off periods are spontaneous. They work better that way!

    Catherine, thx! I'm hoping so. :)

  14. Hope you're done with the revisioning soon. How could I not understand that? Nothing to forgive. :D

  15. Oh, revisions! You poor dear! I hope they're treating you better than when you uploaded this post! I'm in the middle of revising a few short stories right now and, man, you'd think 3k words would be a cake walk....not so much!! Best of luck to you!! xoxoxoxo