Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Fictional Fun: Pinning Inspiration

When I write, I need visuals for inspiration. I keep notebooks for each of my stories, and inside I outline, plot, and create a character analysis for my main characters. There are also sections for settings, research, and play lists. I gather images to inspire me and help create the tone of each story.

Recently two of my writerly peeps encouraged me to join Pinterest and create online boards for my stories. I was reluctant at first, and my first thoughts were why & ain't nobody got time for that

My notebooks are sufficient. Right?

As an author, my notebooks are perfect. But what about my future readers? 

I don't know about you, but when I find an author I love, I want to know everything about them. Their other novels or books, hobbies, interests, and their inspiration, especially for the book I fell in love with. I want to know the music they listened to (if any) and how they came up with the idea for their story.

Well, I've discovered...

Pinterest is the perfect place to create an author's idea notebook online. I LOVE it! It's fun and functional! 5 words of advice: It can be highly addictive. These past two weeks, I've used my boards as a reward, like chocolate. When I get my daily writing / revising done, I get 30 mins. to play on Pinterest.

Here's a link to my page. Candi's Pinterest Boards. Feel free to browse. Keep in mind, they're a work in progress (pun intended).

Have any tips about pinning? I'd like to find boards created by my favorite authors. Any suggestions? 

If you pin and would like to share your boards, leave your link in the comment section.

Have a writerly weekend, y'all~


  1. That line has sure gotten a lot of mileage!
    Not on Pinterest. I really don't need another site pulling me from practicing my guitar.

  2. I just jumped on Pinterest-- it can be, as Alex suggested, too time consuming, but I love how you are using it!

  3. Great ideas! I use Pinterest mostly to organize activities for my classroom. When it comes to using it for writing, I've barely dipped my toes in--though I do have a writing board for articles & resources I want to remember. I'll check yours out.

  4. Looks like fun, but I have to agree with Alex--I don't want to fall down the rabbit-hole and lose even more time! :)

  5. I read that on another site and I started making boards in Pinterest, too. It's fun and gets us more visible.

  6. I just started using FB and don't even Twitter, and I still can't seem to find enough time to write or read. :P

  7. I love Pinterest, and really need to devote some more time to mine. It's perfect for me, as I'm very digitally minded.
    Yours looks fantastic, I'm so intrigued by your WiP board.

  8. Alex, Lexa, Lara, and Julie, although I agree with you all about the time issue, I must admit that Pinterest has become a tool for me in my writing. Something entirely different than social media. It's a digital (as Clare said) notebook, where I can store my mental eye candy to help me along with my writing. I also would give up FB or Twitter for this. Yeah, I'm liking it that much. :)

    Ruth, thank you so much for your visit and your Pinterest follow! It's nice to see you've popped in. :D I just signed up to follow your blog and Pin page.

    Mary, so true!
    Clare, I can see you being a Pin girl. Wait, that didn't sound nice. I meant Pinterest kind of gal. :)

  9. I love how you're using Pinterest for your new WIP. I'm now tempted to try, but I'm afraid it will just be another way for me to procrastinate.

  10. Great idea!

    I've seen other good uses of Pinterest for authors (like Carrie Butler's But, if one wasn't careful, it could quickly turn into a huge time-suck. I'll wait until I'm published, then see if I can work it in as a marketing tool. ;)

  11. Candilynn!! I've never thought about using Pinterest, but your description of how it can be used has me intrigued. I'm going to go check up on your page and see what it's all about! Thanks for sharing the social media, sister!

    And thanks so much for the STELLAR comments on my bloggie. You certainly did make my day :D I'm feelin' a real bond with ya, and not in a creepy stalker kind of way!!

  12. I agree with Jennifer, I fear it too as another way to procrastinate. But I did set up a page and then forgot my password, will have to try and figure it out and check it out again. I have heard lots of success from other writers on there.

    Good luck!

  13. I'm going to check out your Pinterest page, Candilynn. It sounds like a great idea. Also, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Please stop by to find out more.

  14. I never thought I'd never have a FB or Blog or Twitter, and now I also have Pinterest boards. So never say never, I guess. I spend so much time with social media it's become addicting. I need to write more and concentrate.

  15. I am doing the visit the blogs for IWSG. I am at your blog now, but you have not posted. So I am posting here. I know you busy working and that is good thing. Yay.

  16. Candilynn,
    I nominated you for a blogging award so please stop by to find out more.