Thursday, March 28, 2013

Writing Lessons from The Wizard of Oz

My picture book recently out on editor submissions has come back to me with some pretty hefty rewrites. This is a good thing (which is my new mantra!). Wait, I need to say it again. 

This is a good thing. 

Revisions can only make the manuscript better. Stronger. 

This past weekend, I took a break from revisions and watched Wizard of Oz. I absolutely love this movie. If ever you need a pick me up, watch it. Belting out Over the Rainbow always makes me feel better. It dawned on me that I can apply so much of this movie to my writing.

From Dorthy, I learn determination and strength and to never give up.

The Tin Man inspires me to listen and trust my heart.

The Cowardly Lion teaches me to have courage. Be brave. Put myself out there.

And the Scarecrow reminds me I have a brain, use it. Make smart decisions.

If you are deep in revisions or working on a draft, have faith in yourself, your work. Keep at it. Don't give up.

Now, it's time for me to slide into my ruby slippers and get back to my revisions. There's no place like published land. There's no place like published land. There's no place like published land...


  1. I'm in the middle of the same thing, and it is a process, but so worth it!

    Great analogy!

    Back to work! :)

  2. Love it! Always have. Didn't like the Oz that just came out tho.

    Congrats on your revision request!! That's super! :D

  3. Your revisions will only make it better! Keep at it.

  4. Oh my gosh. Does this ever take me back! My father used to call us in to the den to watch this every spring when it would come on.

    Thanks for the encouragement. Good luck with your edits. :)

  5. Hey embrace those revisions. All good. Oz has so many timeless themes/characters.

  6. Thanks for the inspirational post. I'm in the throes of working on two MS's, one being the sequel to Neverlove and the other is an MG story. This has added a little extra pep to my ruby slippered step.

    Thank you and good luck with your revisions.

  7. I've been working on submission revisions since November. It is exhausting, but you're absolutely right in that it makes the ms stronger.

    Good luck - and I love The Wizard of Oz!

  8. Love the Oz comparison-- that's a great visual and easy to remember. How wonderful that you have found someone who wants to see your book published enough to guide you through the rewrites. Have a wonderful weekend, Candilynn.

  9. The Wizard of Oz tie-in made me laugh - what an awesome movie that is! I'd love revision notes from a editor (rather than the ambiguous form rejections I've been getting). Sounds like you're learning a lot and staying optimistic - GO YOU! :-)

  10. Repeat this while tapping your sneakers together: there's nothing like writing, there's nothing like writing, there's nothing like writing!

  11. One of my favorite movies of all time. Stay encouraged. The submission process can be brutal. Use what you can to make you and your writing stronger.

  12. Great lessons to keep in mind. Good luck with your revisions--you'll look back on the finished product and it will all be worth it! :)

  13. Same here. My book deal involves me splitting Doorways into two and revising the first half into a book of its own.

    At one stage, the thought terrified me, but now, I think it's going to make the story awesome!

  14. Good luck with the revisions, Candy. Very inspiring post. I will try to keep these in mind when I'm having a moment of self doubt.

  15. I love that movie! Good luck with your revisions, I'm sure they're going to be great.