Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sealy Dixon Here--Hijacking Candilynn's Blog

The name's Sealy Dixon, and I'm from the small town of Cuero, TX. While Candilynn's out reading IWSG posts, and working on her latest picture book, I'm hijacking her blog. (Don't tell her, but I wish she'd finally get enough of basking in the bright lights of publishing Little Acorn and get back to my story.) I'm ready. Just waiting on some final edits. 

Here's a tidbit of my story: Summers are generally borrrriiing at Gram's ranch, but not this one. Did you hear about the recent creature sightings in Cuero? Well then, let me be the first to tell you about the Chupa-freaking-cabra. Okay, so it's really called the Chupacabra; I was going for a dramatic effect.

Gram refuses to kill it even though the thing has eaten six of her baby calves. Yep, sucked the blood right out of them. I think she's flipped her lid, but she claims everything needs to eat. Blah, blah, blah. So anyways, the Sheriff over in DeWitt County videoed one running in front of his patrol car. I saw the tape. Creeeepppy! The thing looked completely bald, had a gigantic head, protruding fangs, and it had skin like an elephant. When it turned back and glared at the camera before scampering off the road, I thought, sheesh-louise! I would not want to stumble upon that critter in the woods.

Since I'm so amazingly techie, here's a video of the beast running from the patrol car. (No, that's not me squealing in the background.)

Some say it's a hairless coyote or a cross of a Mexican Wolf and a coyote. But whatever it is, it's freaky. I've seen what it does to livestock, and it ain't pretty.

As if this wasn't enough excitement for one summer, the neighbor boy, my old tree-climbing buddy, had to go all gorgeous on me over the past school year. I'm talking, drool-all-over-him cute. Stutter-when-I-speak, slam-dunk, hot.

Candilynn might want to change the title of my story from Chasing the Chupacabras to Chasing a Boy & the Chupacabras.

So, if you see my author lurking around your blog, tell her Sealy Dixon's looking for her. 

Thanks. ~Sealy D.


  1. that thing is so scary! did you see the dexters laboratory with that thing? ever heard of dexters ab? check it out!

    1. Hi Tara! I'm familiar with Dexter's Lab. I haven't seen the episode, but I just Googled it! He also has one with a Sasquatch. How hilarious!!

  2. Okay, Sealy, I'll be on the look out. I think I spotted her on Facebook. I'll let her know what you said :-)

  3. Sounds exciting though!
    And that was one ugly coyote thing.

  4. Oh, she's lurking alright. LOL :D

  5. I LOVE this! Sealy's voice is amazing -- you have to do the edits on this one and get it finished SOON! :-)

  6. That's a strange-looking animal.

    Love this character's voice!

  7. Replies
    1. She's quite the sass, which puts a fun spin on the creepy.

  8. I had no idea my characters could hijack my blog while I was looking the other way! I had a talk with Sealy when I returned, she said she meant no disrespect, just "keeping it interesting".

    :/ I wonder if she means my blog is boring. Hmm...

  9. Sealy was fun to read. Good luck with the final edits!

  10. Great post! I liked hearing from Sealy. I hope you can get back to editing her!

    And interesting stuff. I thought the chupacabras was a vampire bat...