Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spooktoberfest - A Witch's Invitation

Okay, no cyber punches for this one. I signed up for this weeks ago, before I made a deal with myself to limit entries in contests and such. Besides, it's Halloween and I adore spooky, fun stories. Jackie and Dani are co-hosting this spooktacular blogfest. I've highlighted the 5 required words. You still have another day to enter...if you dare!


A Witch's Invitation

Mesmerized by the dancing candlelight inside the jack-o-lantern, Bex knew better. Despite years of warnings from their parents, she turned up the walkway, urging the boys to follow her.

"You're gonna get us in trouble," Ryan said, whining. He made a pathetic devil.

"Knock it off," Bex said. She paused at the porch steps, waiting for Ryan and his little brother Cal. Ghosts were known to haunt this house, and a real witch lived here. 

Cal moaned with his arms outstretched, bumping into Bex's back repeatedly. "Why aren't you scared of me? Everyone is scared of zombies."

Bex winked at Cal. "Come on, let's knock." 

"My parents are going to ground me for life!" Ryan said, standing behind Bex and Cal. "Besides, I heard she boils kids in her cauldron."

Bex wheeled around. "Really? Don't be such a moron."

Cal tugged at her witch's robe. "Uh, Bex..."

"What's up--" Turing back, Bex froze. The door creaked open, cobwebs stretching across the door frame. 

"Oh, you're the most adorable trick or treaters I've ever seen!" a plump woman said. Dressed in an emerald, floor length dress, she had snarled purple hair underneath a black witch's hat and the most beautiful, twinkling eyes.

"We're probably the only trick or treaters you've ever had," Ryan said in a whisper.

 Bex rolled her eyes. She studied the woman, drawn to her eyes. "I'm Bex, and this is my friend Ryan and his little brother Cal." She heard shuffling behind her, and the woman looked over her shoulder.

Ryan backed up.

"Wait, don't you want some candy little boy?" the woman asked.

"Heck no, I'm out of here!" Ryan said, running out of the gate.

She held out her hand, beckoning them inside. Bex admired her razor-sharp black nails. "Come in my dearies."


  1. Oooh, razor-sharp nails are a dealbreaker for kids. Good piece!

  2. Such a brave little girl. Love the costumes, and the sweet little plump lady with razor sharp nails!

  3. Smart Ryan. LOL. Great job of drawing us in.

  4. Eek! What's gonna happen, what's gonna happen??!! You can't stop there -- it was just getting good. :(
    Good luck with the contest/blog hop! :-)

  5. Well done with the prompt words Candilynn. I was spooked out already!!

  6. Great job! I shuddered at the "razor sharp fingernails"!!

  7. Eesh! That Ryan's no dummy. "Come in my dearies." No freakin' thank you! That's like code for "I'm gonna eat you" or something. LOL Great piece!!!

  8. Ooh I wonder what happens next! Great entry :)

  9. I love the wry humour and a great ending leaving us wanting more.

  10. I can picture this perfectly! Awesome job!

    Thanks for participating in our blogfest. :D

  11. w-w-w-wait! what happens?!

    great spooky fun!

  12. Excellent, and very creepy. I liked it a lot, especially the description of the witch. Great stuff, Candy! :D

  13. great job! loved the entry...bloghopping... :)