Sunday, September 9, 2012

Riding (Writing) the Zombie Wave

Let me begin this post with, I'm not controversial. However, in light of my recent research for a soon-to-be wip, I stumbled upon the Centers of Disease Control website. I saw this last year and thought nothing of it, until I realized the hype has not only continued, but progressed. *See below* 

(Yes, I also suffer from TMG (too many genre) syndrome. But, who says I can't have fun in my quiet creative time, right?)
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Two years ago, I wrote a zombie flash fiction piece for a writing challenge and had great response and feedback. I began drafting bits & pieces of additional stories with zombies. Mostly because they scare the bejebbies out of me, and the fear of the unknown grabs me by the throat. The Forest of Hands and Teeth rattled my cage, and set my secret zombie craze in motion.

I'm sure most of you have seen this. Preparedness 101 Zombie Apocalypse . We've been trained (as writers) to trust the .gov sites. We can gather helpful (factual) information with the understanding and guarantee of truthfulness. Yes, I get their drift here. Keeping people prepared and informed will minimize panic and reduce tragic outcomes during disasters. And, it's definitely a comical spin on disaster preparedness.

They have badges for your blogs, widgets, t-shirts, and posters.  
This isn't a slam on our government. Make note of that. (I'll say again) I'm not the controversial sort of gal. However, I occasionally succumb to hype, and my fears tend to get the best of me. My imagination goes into overdrive with this type of information. I realize it's a joke. But why did this trusted governmental agency decide to drag humor into a most serious matter? Just asking. There are tons of people out there who believe the next big thing is a zombie apocalypse. I know two. They live in my house.

With the recent face-eating manic, tactics such as the CDC's recent health preparedness and response could potentially cause wide-spread panic. IMO (in my opinion) that is. Go to their blog and read some of the comments. People are seriously asking, "Is this true?"

*Did you know the CDC has written a graphic novella? Yep, you can read it here: Zombie Pandemic . *Even they are riding the wave.

There is a positive side to all this. If you write Horror, Sci-Fi, Dystopian, or heck, even Mystery, you now have a .gov site you can refer to. As a writer, I guess I should be thanking the CDC for a reliable source to use in my research. They almost make it believable.

Note from me: In no way, form or fashion is this post written to cause alarm or panic. Pure writerly musings here. I'd love to hear from you, but only as writers, not believers or non-believers. *I will delete comments from the crazies. I don't want to begin an "Are they real?" discussion. That would be like a do you believe in Bigfoot or not discussion.

Instead, let me know your thoughts on researching trusted sites, using the information for our writing, and should humor play a role in serious matters. Can we learn from humor? Trust it? What do you think about the CDC writing a graphic novella? Recommendations for zombie books are welcome, too. Keep comments courteous and w/ a smile. :-)


  1. I think the zombie preparedness bit was to quiet the fears, although it is funny when you really think about it.
    I think I trust the IMDB...

  2. I'm actually a fan of this approach--I think it's a clever way to reach out to people who otherwise wouldn't think about disaster preparedness, and it's a good way to capitalize on the hype surrounding zombies. I think they did one about preparing for a wedding disaster as well...

    At any rate, hopefully they are getting the message across!

  3. I had to laugh at this, but I guess some people are really scared. I never got into zombies...never had a desire to read about them. But after reading this, I'm thinking I should try it. I meet lots of writers who write the genre, so there's obviously a following.

  4. That whole face-eating thing was way too creepy for me!

  5. Alice Wentworth says to take the zombie menace seriously. She was eating finger sandwiches at the time. (A heavy metal guitarist irritated her at Meilori's.) In the beginning of THE RIVAL, I have 7 yr. old Victor fighting a zombie infested Detroit.

    Zombies are our way of translating our fear of the all too real terrors in our world. Stephen King thinks so, too. Great post, Roland

  6. @Alex, I think you're right. Although, I'm not sure they quieted anything.
    @Lara, wedding disaster, really?
    @Rachael, please feel free to share with him!
    @Melissa, I think I have a thing for reading zombies because as a young person, I loved scary stories.
    @Catherine, it was definitely creepy!
    @Roland, Tell Alice, "Yes ma'am." I trust her. I recall brave Victor at 7. I also recall wanting to adopt him at that moment! Well put about translating our fears of the real terrors of the world. Food for thought.

  7. that is wild! our next generation is coming of age & making its mark!

  8. i think there is no worry for a panic, it's when we actually believe it is going to happen. now i am a zombie site, that used to be all zombies... now it's only a shell of that. i don't write zombies anymore, it will pass just like the infection that is spreading. wait i wasn't suppose to say that, i don't work for them... go on with your lives... kidding.

    zombies are real, it's not a infection... just very tired people.

  9. @Tara, a bit scary and exciting at the same time!
    @Retro-Zombie, I'll have to share this w/ the hubby. Thanks for your comments. If zombies are tired people, I must be one. :)

  10. It is true that zombies are tired people. I used to see them every morning at Starbucks, attacking us ravenously in mass. Once they had some coffee, I saw them transform back into humans right before my eyes. I have a good stockpile of coffee. I am prepared. :)