Thursday, September 6, 2012

IWSG, Sucker Literary Magazine, & a few Writer's Rut Survival Tips

August disappeared. As I stand here, nearly catatonic, I wonder where it went. Camp NaNoWriMo held me underwater, and I didn't come up for air until the very last day. It's left me feeling fuzzy, not the warm teddy bear kind of fuzzy, but dizzy, dazed, and blurry-eyed. Zombish, only I'm missing the drool. Okay, and I think my heart is still beating, too.

In light of Insecure Writers Support Group post, I wanted to focus on giving you a few tips to help you out of a writer's rut. I vow to take my own advice. Thank you to the wonderful Alex J. Cavanaugh for hosting the group.

Tips for Climbing out of the Writer's Rut

1. Get yourself a strong rope (Find a support group). When you're laying at the bottom of a muddy ditch, have your peeps toss you down a strong rope. Let them pull you up, hose off the muck, and clean you up. It's what supportive friends do. I.E. the Insecure Writers Support Group. Click on the link above to join. ;)

2. Eat chocolate (or any other comfort food). Once you're out of the ditch, lay on the grass, look up, and thank your supporters. Now, pick up your favorite reading material and consume it. That's right. READ what you love. For days if you need to. Build your strength. Have your peeps bring you things like water, real food, and comfy pajamas. Read until your heart and creative soul are nourished.

3. Get back in the saddle and write. That's right. Pick up your pen. Open a new document or an existing one. Anything. Let that creative pony run, wild and free. Journal, draft, enter contests, perfect your pitches & queries, polish your manuscripts, find beta readers, and get your work out there. It's not going to sell itself.

You can do it!!

Sucker Literary Magazine Volume ISUCKER LITERARY MAGAZINE Volume I is now in print! You can order one from Lulu  HERE . My edgy YA short story, On the Edge of Postal is in there! I just received my two copies, and they're gorgeous. :)) 

***Update on Follow My Lead Fiction Contest. Given the recent talk about using images from the Internet, I've had to reevaluate my tactics on where to find the images for the contest. I've been working on gathering my own photos and images. For now, the contest is on hold. Over the next several months, I will decide if it is something I'll continue or not. But, y'all will be the first to know.


  1. That was funny! My peeps aren't seeing me in my pajamas though.

  2. Great description of finishing NANO. Also great tips for the writing blues.

  3. How much more uplifting than chocolate? If chocolate can't do it, what can? Throw in a Dr. Pepper and I'm fine.
    Thanks for the tips. We all need to get out of the rut sooner or later!

  4. Very cute Alex!
    Thanks, Jessica!
    I don't know Ink in the Book. Chocolate always does it for me. :)

  5. Congrats on NaNoWriMo. It's hard getting back into it after pushing it for awhile. Chocolate always helps. And I like Jane Austen marathons, too.

  6. Hi, Candilynn.

    Nice to see you at my blog...YAY! LOVED this post. Put a HUGE smile on my face, especially after Alex's comment ... Imagine, our NINJA CAPTAIN in his jammies.... HMMMMM.LOL.

  7. Replies
    1. @MPax, I think the hardest part for me, is knowing which way to turn next. Revisions? Something new? I do know, when I sit here pondering, my mind plays tricks on me. It tells me things like, "You're no writer. What do you possibly think will come of it all?"

      @Michael, Thanks for your sweet comments! It would be creepy for me to picture anyone in their pjs, but if I had to take a guess, his would have spaceships on them...shh! don't tell him I said so, though.

      @Kelley Lynn, Thanks!!

  8. If I keep eating that chocolate, then I won't be able to get up and off the saddle, so I guess I'll have to write. I'll also need a stronger rope. :) I love the updated blog design!

  9. I love your advice, and how you wrote it was so eloquent! :D

  10. @Michael, you and me both!

    @Clare, I hope it helps and thank you. :)))

  11. I do love #2!!! I am going to seriously think about doing that:) Congrats on surviving nano. I came out of BuNo feeling the same way.

  12. I agree with Clare. Well put!
    I'm so thankful for my CP's. They help pull me out of that rut when I'm feeling eh about my writing.
    Thank you for sharing these tips. :D

  13. awesome, aesome & more awesome!
    great advice =) love the blog community for all their support too!
    and love that mag cover!

  14. Great tips. And you hit on one perk of being a writer - we get to work in our PJs. :P

  15. @Gwen, writing marathons definitely leave us panting. Don't they?
    @Jackie, thanks! CP's are great!
    @Tara, you're sweet! And, I'm thankful for our community as well.
    @Melissa, PJs are the best!

  16. Absolutely agree with all your points and love them! Thanks for sharing some of your inspiration with others... I'm certainly going to pass these tips on to writers I've come across who have lost their way!