Wednesday, August 1, 2012

IWSG, Camp NaNoWriMo & Tossing Confetti

I'm sure you've all heard the fabulous news around the blogosphere lately. For me, it first began with Deana Barnhart getting an agent! Then following with Cassie Mae (agent), Kelley Lynn signs a contract with a publisher, and Ilima Todd also lands an agent!!! Congrats & **confetti** to all of you gals! Your hard work has paid off, and now the real fun begins. :))

IWSG members, let these accomplishments be an inspiration to you! 

I'm about to embark on a month long journey, Camp NaNoWriMo. Sure, I'm nervous I won't complete the 50,000 word goal. But, if I don't at least try, I'll never know, right? If I'm not mistaken, Kelley Lynn's success with her soon-to-be-published book began with NaNoWriMo. 

I'm printing out Deana's, Cassie's, Kelley's, & Ilima's names and tacking them up above my computer. I will use their successes to inspire me. They're proof, IT CAN BE DONE. 

With that being said, I'm taking a blogging break during the month of August for Camp NaNo. I'll still poke around Twitter, FB and blogs to relieve tension and reward myself. Also, there will be no Follow My Lead Contest for August. I will start the contest up again on the first Friday of Sept.

Wish me luck! Congratulate the ladies above! Feel free to offer your NaNo experiences in the comments section. If I've somehow missed your agent / publishing news around the community, please announce it below!!! Have a terrific and productive August. :))