Saturday, March 10, 2012

SCBWI Bulletin in Print Form...Please!
There is one area in my life where I'm not so good at being green. I'm a SCBWI Bulletin-monger. Yup, the paper copy, mailed by snail mail. 

What? I tried signing up to read it online, but it wasn't the same. It wasn't even close to being the same for me. 

When I realize it's just about time for the new Bulletin to come out, I race to the mailbox daily, just hoping it'll be there. This morning, it was there! All 39 pages of wealthy writerly information and spectacular artwork had finally arrived. My fingers tingled with inspiration and excitement, as I flipped through it quickly walking into the house. For the next few days, I'll read each article, savoring every word and illustration.

All the covers are delightfully illustrated, and of course, always showcase a kite. The March / April 2012 issue features artwork of the talented Author & Illustrator, Sophie Blackall .

Bunches of thanks go out to the Editors, Stephen Mooser & Lin Oliver and everyone else on board with the Bulletin. ^_^


  1. Isn't it wonderful to wait longingly for a magazine or book and when it comes, it delievers all it promised? Heal well, Roland

  2. I love getting mail...when it isn't bills ;)

  3. If that's the way you like to read it, don't feel guilty.

  4. I still love magazines. I just do...

  5. "As my friend is fond of saying, "Don't sweat the petty stuff, pet the sweaty stuff."

    Being green-oriented is wise indeed, but there are things (like your magazine) that just seem to reach the bounds of going to far.

    Life is short, enjoy it sensible while we can, right?

  6. ~Roland, yes, it is! I'm sure it's also fun to watch me tripping down our long driveway with my nose inside it, too!
    ~Kelly, yes, the bill, I hand straight over to the hubby. I don't even give them a second thought!
    ~Alex, guilt is my middle name. Worse yet, I don't even recycle them, like all other paper products here at the house. Oh no, I covet them!
    ~Molly, they're precious, I know.
    ~Jeremy, lol, that's hilarious! That's a great way of looking at it.

  7. Oh, I haven't received mine yet (running to the mailbox) :-)

    BTW, I tagged you, girl. Visit my blog tomorrow (Wednesday) to see the details


  8. LOL, I'm totally the same. I looove getting these in the mail (as well as my Writer's Digest :)

  9. Ack! I forgot all about my tags from last week, yikes! I'll check your blog tomorrow, Angela. It maybe one of the ones I got late last week. I worked on my answers this weekend, but need to finish them up! Thanks, woman!!

    Juliana, I had your blog on my list to visit today, but got tied up in Houston at the doctor. The traffic back home was horrendous! I'm just getting some free time, so here I go! I wanted to check out Jessica's interview!