Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Rival: A Rare, 3 Gem Novel

I know. I posted just yesterday, so I apologize. But, I must post this today! Why? Because I just finished The Rival: The Legend of Victor Standish last night, and I want to share it with you. I posted my review on Amazon, where you too, can pick up your copy of the book and review it. ; )

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The Rival: The Legend of Victor Standish

Sometimes a book comes along that strikes me as rare, a gem, if you will. The Rival: The Legend of Victor Standish is one of those books. 

#1 gem: A fast-paced, urban fantasy filled with historical figures, ingeniously woven throughout. And, take a gander at the fabulous cover...don't you want to know who she is??? Not to give anything away, but readers won't be disappointed. In fact, as the main character time travels to 1834 New Orleans, I had hundreds of moments where I found myself smirking (and giggling) at Victor Standish, and the way he handles himself when in the most precarious situations. Prepare to face many creepy supernaturals, and by creepy, I mean way beyond sparkly monsters.

Speaking of Victor, the #2 gem of the novel, one cannot help but adore him! A literary legend, hell yeah. His dry, witty humor will crack the face of the stoniest of souls. Victor and I have a special bond, as he helped me through a tough surgery last month by telling me the most ridiculous jokes. He will remain in my mind for years to come. If he'd allow me, I'd adopt him. His unworldly love for his classy, Victorian ghoulfriend, Alice, brought me to tears more than once. "I wasn't an orphan anymore. In her arms, I was home." ~Victor Standish, The Rival.

And, as for Victor's authentic character, well, that brings me to the #3 gem, the author.

Many applause go out to Roland Yeomans, the amazing author of The Rival. His creation of Victor Standish is a superlative example of authentic characterization. Roland achieves the ultimate with his writing, he types, allowing Victor to tell his story. Thank you, Roland, for sharing your literary worlds with your readers.

Note to Roland: I didn't want to come off sounding like dripping soup on Amazon, but I adore you, your writing, your passion for the written word, and your undying love for your own craft. ;~)

So folks, if you're up to an action-packed jaunt with amazing characters, and a protagonist to root for, you must check out, The Rival: The Legend of Victor Standish.

*Remember, next week's post will be about creating YOUR own balance, as we all know, everyone has to find their own. :)


  1. Wonderful review of Roland's book! I have it on my iPad and hope I can get to it soon. Roland's writing is sheer brilliance.

  2. Thanks, Candy. Thanks, Alex. Victor loves you, too, Candy. I have been at work as a rare blood courier for what seems like two days running. Sorry I just now discovered this review. You're very kind to write this! Roland :-)

  3. I loved your review so much that I had to go to Roland's blog and comment there too! You did a great job! Heading over in a bit to download it! Woot!!! :D

  4. Wow, Victor Standish sounds like a colorful character. And set in New Orleans of old? The combo is a winning one.

  5. Ooo, heck yes, I'm definitely going to go check this out! I love the New Orleans setting :)

  6. Thanks, Jack! Woot back at ya!

    Yes, it's set in New Orleans of 1834 with all of its mystery and allure.

    I hope you enjoy THE RIVAL and the 1834 French Quarter setting with its historical figures, both living and undead!

  7. Fabulous review, Candy. I am reading The Rival and LOVE it. Roland's writing style is awesome.

  8. Alex, I hope you enjoy The Rival!!
    Thanks Jack, yes go over and check out his blog and books, you won't be disappointed!
    Catherine, Victor is quite colorful. He cracks me up!
    Thanks, Juliana! Enjoy:))
    Angela, shucks, thanks for the shout outs about Roland's book on Twitter!!!

    Roland, I loved doing the review, anything for you. :)