Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Twitter Dialogue Blog Hop

Twitter Talk
Tweet, Tweet, Twiddle Deet!

Creative and crafty Juliana Brandt started this fun dialogue blog hop. Check out her post here to learn the deets:  Juliana L. Brandt

Only rule, the dialogue has to be written Twitter style, only 140 characters or less per line. I love fun challenges; I get all twitterpated. ;)
This scene is from a subplot within my most recent shiny idea! It is not a ghost story; it just happens to have a ghost in it as a minor character.

Characters: @bewilderedguest and @peskyghostgirl

@bewilderedguest: What're you doing in my room?

@peskyghostgirl: The stupid paranormal ghost dudes are downstairs, again.

@bewilderedguest: And you chose to hide in my room because...?

@peskyghostgirl: Cuz it's dark and quiet.

@bewilderedguest: I know. It's in the middle of the night!

@peskyghostgirl: Oh, is that why you have bedhead? Anyways, ghost dudes are trying to exterminate us.

@bewilderedguest: I think you mean investigate.

@peskyghostgirl: It's not nice to roll your eyes. Anywho, exterminate, investigate...same diff.

@bewilderedguest: Not really.

@peskyghostgirl: Moving on. What're you doing here?

@bewilderedguest: Ugh! Not your concern.

@peskyghostgirl: Usually someone staying at a B & B is looking to get away or hide away. Which is it?

@bewilderedguest: I'm here for work.

@peskyghostgirl: Ho-hum...booorring!

@bewilderedguest: Sorry to disappoint you. Why are you dressed like that?

@peskyghostgirl: Duh! I'm from, like, the 80's. You hitched or what?

@bewilderedguest: Again, not your business.

@peskyghostgirl: Touchy, touchy, don't get ur bra all twisted, spaz.

@bewilderedguest: You mentioned earlier "us," as in more of you?

@peskyghostgirl: Not that it's your business, but yes.

@bewilderedguest: This oughta be good.

@peskyghostgirl: They'll all be here in a sec. I told them your room was safe.

@bewilderedguest: I can't wait. I've always wanted to spend the night with a bunch of creepy ghosts.

@peskyghostgirl: Put on your party hat... cuz tonight is your lucky night!

@bewilderedguest: Grrr...why me?


  1. Hilarious! Just fantastic. Now I feel all self-conscious about my post since I've got plot-playing ghosties in my WIP and they aren't nearly as funny.

    Great job on really setting the scene, telling us all the info we need and making it fun.

    Isn't Juliana just the awesomeist?

  2. Yep, I'm definitely the awesomeist ;)

    Candy Lynn, this is hilarious and I'm super curious about your new shiny idea, now. I've always had a hard time getting humor across using only dialogue, but you definitely don't!

  3. I'd say the awesomeist, definitely! Yeah, I thought my new shiny would dissipate as usual, but it hasn't!! Actually, it's evolving into something quite spectacular. And the ghost, well she's just a sidekick to the real (or not) supernatural being in the story...

    Thanks for your awesome comments. That gives me a boost of confidence. I agree humor in dialogue only is incredibly difficult. Sarcasm takes it to a new level for me. There I go again with the word "level!"

  4. You've just gained a follower on your blog! Woot, woot! I love this dialogue, it was outrageously funny! Yes, hilarious! With that little snippet of wonderment, I'm looking forward to reading more from you!

    BTW, I absolutely LOVE your masthead pic! I think it's so incredibly colorful and awesome! :D

    1. Oh, the masthead photo was snapped by my 14 year old photographer. She's amazing. She tweaked the photo in Photoshop to darken my figure. Thank goodness! I soooo didn't match a stitch of clothing that evening:)

  5. Me: woozy from all the compliments!

    Thanks for the follow here at The Trail to Pub, Jack! Nice to meet ya.

    "Outrageously funny..." I'm on a high after that one. You're too kind ;)

  6. Ah, my blog was pre-empted by prior committments. Rats! Your dialogue was truly funny. It boosted my afternoon! Thanks for the tweet shout-out by the way, Roland

  7. Roland, I appreciate your sweet comments! I'll be making my way around to your blog soon. It's one of my favorite stops. :)

  8. This was a really fun dialogue. I always liked ghost stories, particularly when they're friendly ghosts.

    1. Thanks for the comments, Carrie-Anne! I've always been a ghost fan. I'd have to say, I like to be scared, just a tad, but a snarkier ghost is better!

  9. This was so good! I love the snarkiness:)

    1. Thank you, Deana! I've missed seeing you around the blogosphere. Was it Rach Harrie's Campaign Challenge that we got acquainted? Gosh, there are so many groups that intercede each other. It's like the the busy freeway system in a big city!! You know how the roads come from every direction, all twisting into each other in the middle? We used to call them "spaghetti bowls" when we were little. Weird analogy, I know.

      Anyways, glad I checked in with your blog recently!!