Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Revision Party & Blog Awards

Woot, woot! I'm having my own little blog party. Just me, myself, and my (icky) 1st draft of Vinegaroon Moon. Well, and anyone else who wants to stop by and wave a party favor!

As you can see on my cool little gadget over to the right, I'm 10% done with my first rewrite of my ms!!! I know, that doesn't seem like a lot when you look at my total word count. (I'm trying not to focus on the big number!) However, 10% is a mile marker for me! *blows kazoo*

Okay, enough tooting my own horn, now on to the good stuff.

Kelley over at Between the Bookends has awarded me not just one, but two blog awards! I'm so humbled. Thanks, Kelley!! I've got some things to do with these awards, but as some of you may know, I've got this issue with my back, and I'm off to the dreaded Spine Center downtown Houston this morning. So, I'll be back later to give you a few of my never-heard-before-secrets about myself and pass on these great awards.


  1. Ooo, good luck with the Spine Doctor! Can't wait to read your little tidbits...

  2. I'm wearing a party hat and tooting a toy horn for you at your virtual party. Yay, Candy!

  3. Ooh, I love the cyber party! *blows airhorn and does an embarrassing sprinkler at the computer* Yay!!

  4. I totally just straight up stole your pinata. It had zero candies though...

  5. Congratulations and let's hear it for revision progress!

  6. @Kelley, so the EMG I had run yesterday, sucked, and showed I have minor nerve damage to a couple of spots in the arms / hands. It was not a pleasant test. I will post my "tidbits" tomorrow on my new post!!
    @Catherine, thanks for showing up with your party hat on, and I heard your horn all the way down here in Texas!!
    @Cassie Mae, wow! an airhorn...THANKS!!!
    @BragonDorn, I expect the pinata to be returned WITH candy this time!!!
    @Alex, Hip, hip, hooray for revision!!!

  7. Hi Candy,

    This is Katie from I think your blog is great! Very appealing to the eyes. I just read over your "works in progress" page. You seem busy! I too, am working on a novel and two short stories simultaneously. I know the feeling when you just can't stop! I look forward to visiting your blog more. I just became a member.

    Talk to you soon!


    1. Hi, Katie, it's great to see you here. :)) Working on several things at once is a habit of mine. I think it's a positive tactic, until I get so wrapped up in all of them, nothing gets finished. It's then that I have to put all but one down. I worked my "new" schedule this week, and it worked well. During the week, I work on revisions, and the weekend is spent with my new shiny ideas! Can't wait to check out your blog. :)