Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Award Awesomeness...Passing on the Love

Today's all about passing on the blogger love.

Kelly over at Between the Bookends (see her link below) and all her awesomeness, passed on two blog awards to me last week. Along with passing them on, I'm opening my closet and exposing a few bones to my faithful followers, and those who happen by The Trail. So get out your hiking stick and let's take a stroll down the dirt path. Promise, even if your shocked, you'll still follow me?

The rules for the Kreativ Award are share ten things about myself and pass it on to six bloggers. For the Versatile one I'm to share seven things about myself and pass it on to fifteen bloggers. As did the Fabulous Kelly at Between the Bookends , whom awarded me BOTH blog awards, I'm following her lead. I will combine the two awards and give away both to several well-deserving bloggers, shaking up the rules. 

Yeah, I'm kinda rebellious like that.

Here's the bones:

1. In the 3rd grade (maybe the 4th), I refused to turn in the school library's copy of Ribsy by Beverly Cleary. I pretended (lied) to lose it, therefore my parents had to pay for it, so that I could keep it forever under my mattress. Reading it over and over. Until now, where it happily sits upon my bookshelf. Do I feel a ping of guilt every time I look at it. I should, but I don't (okay, maybe a fraction of a ping for the librarian whom showed me the book in the first place). No, when I look at the beautiful (mustard) tattered cover, I see a young girl, a great book, and a coveted piece of literature that changed the girl's life, forever. Yup, that's the very same copy. I even wrote my first name in the book on the inside of the front cover. Back then, Henry Huggins and I were BFFs. He just had no idea.

2. My left nostril is pierced with a tiny diamond stud. Did it cause WWIII with the in-laws? Yeah. Did I do it anyways? Yeah. I'm like a Honey Badger and just don't give a crap. It's my nose. I'm a yoga instructor. Yoga was born in India over 5,000 years ago. Females in India are known to pierce the left nostril. The left side of the body represents the feminine side. My nose piercing is a small symbol of Hatha Yoga, in which I've been trained. Besides, my husband thinks its cute. ~Namaste'

The next one, my husband says I shouldn't tell you, because you may not like me anymore or think I'm just plain nuts.

3. I've been haunted, followed, harassed, and stalked by a ghost. A real, live (dead) ghost. He, a young Native American spirit, clung to me while attending a ghost hunt. No joke. He was felt and seen by several visitors in my home, including my daughters and myself. He disliked my husband so much, when my husband was home from work, he would hide in the back of my closet and pout or so said the lady who helped me rid him. I contacted a psychic who explained to me, without knowing where the ghost hunt was held (an old Native American burial ground), who he was, why he was with me, and sent him "into the light." It was one of the most unbelievable things that ever happened to me. To this day, as the memory fades, I even wonder if it all really happened.

4. On cold mornings, I like to dress like a bag lady. At least that's how my husband and girls describe my outfits. I like to think of it as more of a "layered" look. We're talking yoga pants, socks (non-matching of course!), t-shirt, hoodie, scarf, leg warmers, and sometimes mittens.

5. One of my B.F.Fs' is a dog. No, not a two-timing scoundrel, but a four-padded canine. That's her to the right. I love her to pieces, EXCEPT when she steals my Burt's Bees lip balms and hides them in her bed. She like really, really loves me. Unconditionally. Not matter what. I heart Glen Ellen.

6. I lived on the island of Okinowa, Japan for a year when I got married twenty years ago. I also worked there as a bartender at a karaoke bar. Favorite song to sing was Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra / Candy. ;)

7. I'm a freak about The Vampire Diaries on CW. And I'm a Damon fan. Elaina must choose him or I will.

8. The first thing I ever wrote was a poem about my baby sister picking her toes, when I was nine.
So there y'all have it. Bits of me you never knew.

As for passing along the awesomeness, each of the following super-great bloggers will receive both awards. A few are established bloggers, they're blogs are either mucho creative and / or unique beyond words or I just adore them! Several of these bloggers are new to the blogging world, and I've enjoyed seeing them get started. Don't lose hope y'all; it gets easier!

Visit their blogs and make a new friend. :) Congrats to all of you, because you all deserve it!

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Two other bloggers that already have the awards, but I felt like adding them anyways. :))

Cassie Mae at (Cassie is just that awesome, so I'm acknowledging her!)
Reading, Writing, and Lovin' it!

And how could I forget, the totally awesome Kelley. No, you don't have to do the thing again, I just wanted to acknowledge you and your blog! She's strolling down Bourbon St. as we speak.
Kelley & Between the Bookends


  1. I'll be sure to visit those blogs!

    OMG That haunting is creepy.

    My nose is pierced too but it's cultural so my family weren't bothered by it.

    Aw! Your GSD is lovely!

    1. Hey, Kamille, I just finished following you on Twitter, posting on your blog and loving your latest post on research!

    2. Yes, the haunting was creepy. On the way home from the gh, I knew "it" was with me. It actually kicked the back of my driver's seat in my car, three times. The only other person with me, was a good friend who'd went with me, and by the 3rd kick, I pulled the car over and she and I searched the car. I thought we'd brought a cat home from the property we had hunted on. Nope. The back seat was empty.

      For two months, I let it go on, until my oldest daughter had enough. Then, I proceeded to get rid of him.

  2. I dress like a big lady all the time, lol.

    And you can have Damon. I'll gladly take the other Salvatore. (Sigh...)

    Thank you for the shout out!!!!

    1. How can you resist Damon's sideways glances??? They make me purr.

  3. Awww, Candy! Thanks for the awards!! :) That's so sweet. And yes I am strollin' down Bourbon street. :)

    I've always wanted to get my nose pierced by my friends tell me I don't 'have the nose for it.'

    And...I'm pretty sure my customers and job wouldn't like it very much. And..I kind of want my job. :)

    But it looks super cute on you! (Or at least what I can see of your face in that pic :))

    1. I teach yoga, so my students don't mind. :) I wanted one forever, and when I turned 40, yup 40, last year, I did it. I'd never do it again. It hurt.

      But, thanks for saying it's cute. I took it out for an MRI recently, and you couldn't even see the hole. So, it can be removed for work-related things. :)

  4. Many thanks Candy for giving me not one, but two Awards! This is a first for me. Thank you also for stopping by The Garden Gate and commenting, is is much appreciated. Wishing you well on your road to publication!

    1. You completely deserve it, Elizabeth. Your blog is delightful and your poetry is beautiful! Enjoy the blog awards. You can put the cute little gadget pics on your blog and brag a little. But your blog speaks for itself. Your hard and dedication show through. :))

  5. Congratulations and you've selected some fine recipients there!

    1. Thanks, Alex! Btw, you rock at keeping up with all of the writers over at IWG!

  6. When I was the age of you when you "appropriated" RIBSBY, my favortie library was about the border collie owned by Jesus (yes, that one) I wanted that book so bad (sad, its title has left me, but I can still see the blue and silver cover). But a guy just can't steal a book about Jesus and his dog!

    Speaking of dogs, my last dog was a German Shepherd/Norweigan Elk Hound mix. When my home burned down some years back, he was overcome by the smoke, and I dragged him out of my burning home, getting 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my face and hands. He died some days later at the vet. I still miss Hercules. Pebbles, too, the cat who for the only time in her life scratched me to awaken me to rolling waves of flames on the ceiling above me. My burns got worse when I tried to save her, also unsuccessfully.

    Thanks for the award. Today has been one of those days! I'm still at work, late in the night. And Blogger removed my blog for a few frantic minutes before it mysteriously returned it. Whew!

  7. Oh my gosh, Roland! I'm so sorry to hear about your dog, cat, and home burning. That is so completely awful, they're aren't enough words to express my deepest sympathies. Pebbles and Hercules sound amazing, and little Pebbles, well she was a true hero. I'm always touched to hear stories about how animals come into peoples' lives and have such extreme impacts on their lives. I too have lost several in my lifetime, so my heart goes out to you. I hope my picture of Glen Ellen didn't cause too much sadness for you!

    And, you're very welcome for the awards. You definitely deserve them. Whenever I visit your blog, I can't wait to hear from another famous author and their infinite wisdom. Not to mention that all of your book images are amazing.

  8. This was so much fun to read, and you are totally rocking that nose piercing! Love it!


    1. Bru, thank you so much!!! And, I'm so glad to see you still up and running!

  9. Thanks, Candy, for the awards!!!! I laughed when I read about your "forgotten" book. A very long time ago when I was obsessed with dinosaurs I borrowed a book on them from a library out west, and couldn't bear to return it. I used it as a guide to paint from. And to this day, when I crack that book open, I can smell the oil paint and turp.

  10. Catherine, you are most welcome and certainly deserve them!! "Forgotten," I like that term. I adore your story about the dinosaur book! What a memory to hold onto. :)) As young people, we learn right from wrong. As an adult, of course, I would never "forget" to turn in a book.

    Looking back, I smile thinking about me loving that book so very much, that I would keep it, in spite of the consequences I suffered. My parents were unhappy with me, as was the librarian, whom didn't let me take home books anymore.