Friday, December 2, 2011

A Recovered Book Hoarder

I finally did it. My husband has been hounding me for years to go through my bookshelves and get rid of the ones I'll never read again. He wanted me to photograph my bookshelves and show you the "mess" here on my blog. I refused. I will tell you that on top of the horizontal rows of books, I had vertical stacks of books. They were piled everywhere. 

So, I've got issues. Who cares? I. Love. Books.

I collected 11 bags of books and one bag of Writer's Digest magazines with issues dating back to 1999. Were you aware that Half Price Books buys almost anything? What they don't buy, they'll recycle for you! I figured the magazines would be recycled (I didn't have the heart to do it myself!), but they were thrilled to get them and decided to sell them as a collection. Outstanding.
Half Price Books' 40th Anniversary is coming up this year! Happy Birthday HPB. :))

I walked away with $50 (and two new books...shh!), and my bookshelves are neat, organized, and only contain what I can't live without or what I haven't read yet. It wasn't easy. Actually, it was quite painful! But, I do feel a sense of accomplishment, and the house feels uncluttered.

I admitted to my husband that I've been hoarding books because I feel unsuccessful with my writing. For every day I don't get requests for my Little Acorn PB manuscript or something BIG doesn't happen with my writing, it makes me feel better to buy books.

I'm satisfying my need to be published by buying books. Wow, that sounds terrible when I say it aloud. 

Most books I read, but some just sit on the shelves, looking pretty. I'm also a sucker for a beautiful hardcover. I love the scent and the feel of a book. Does that make me a weirdo?

How about you? Do you buy books for something other than just to read them? How often to you thin out your bookshelves? Do you find yourself hiding the purchase of another book?


  1. Congratulations on the decluttering effort. I know how good that feels. I used to collect books, but then I realized that there are always just so many new books that I want to read, so there's not really any point saving the ones I've read. I always think I'll go back and read them, but in reality that's not very likely. I have about a dozen books that I'll never part with, that I have read more than once and will probably read again. All others I donate to the local library when I'm done reading them.

  2. I love books, and find it hard to get rid of them, even when I know I'm never going to read them again. I had a clear out the other day, and then felt a pang when I realised I'd given away all these hardcovers. I had to remind myself they'd been stored in a cupboard for ten years, and I really didn't need them.

    I don't thin out my bookshelves very often, but I am quite good at getting rid of books I didn't enjoy, or know I won't finish.

    Sometimes I'll buy a book for research purposes (or at least that's what I'll put it down to ;) ) - to learn more about a certain author's style, or a genre, rather than just to read.

  3. If you could bottle that disorder and spread into water systems nationwide the publishing industry would be forever in your debt. ^_^

  4. I purchase books just for the sheer love of them, I really do! I once tried to stop myself purchasing so many by counting how many I still had to read. At 50 I stopped counting! I figure it's a good thing to collect if you have to collect something.