Friday, November 18, 2011

Warm & Fuzzy Blog Fest Week 4

Ugh, it's almost over! I've had such a great time meeting all the spectacular writers / authors during Juliana Brandt's Warm & Fuzzy Blog Fest. 

Week 4 we're supposed to post what makes writing worth it for us. Then we are to post one of our Warm Fuzzy moments. It can be a scene from a WIP, short story or poem.

What makes writing worth it for me? It allows me the ability to release. Express. Share. Give. It makes it all worth while when someone reads something I've written, and they say, "Wow! tell me more!" 

Here's a tiny warm & fuzzy from a picture book I wrote last year:

Little Acorn wiggled around and found a cozy place to rest.
Although a bit frightened, he trusted Father knew best.

"Sleep tight, Little Acorn, have no fear.
I will watch over you. I will be right here."

Little Acorn twirled around until he was tucked in snug.
He pretended the leaves were like Father Oak's hug.

He whispered, " Be brave,"  and he tried not to weep.
He closed his eyes, and settled in for a long winter sleep.


  1. I love the writing release.

    I have loved this blogfest too :)

  2. Cute little acorn! I love it!

    And it's been so great getting to know you over these past few weeks!

  3. This totally made me to 'Awwwww!!' So adorably sweet :) I can see why it's a Warm Fuzzy!

  4. Writing is definitely therapeutic for me too! And such a cute story! I've loved this blogfest too!

  5. The little acorn tale is sweet. I missed this blogfest, but it sounded like fun!

  6. Awww, that's such a sweet excerpt. I can totally imagine it as a picture book.