Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kudos To My Writing Bestie


I'd like to dedicate this post to my favorite writing partner. We met three years ago as Library Assistants through the public school system. When we discovered that both of us were writers, we started meeting weekly. I have to admit, some days when we get together, writing is the last topic that comes into the conversation. 

Why? you may be asking yourselves. Writing partners should discuss writing things, right? This may be true, but Nisha is more than my writing partner, she's my friend. My writing confidant. My sounding board. My teammate. My cheerleader. And, I am hers. Some days, I don't know what I'd do without her. 

Yesterday, I gave a presentation to promote my soon-to-be-finished rose rustling book. I had the honor of presenting to a room full of rosarians at one of the largest old garden rose nurseries in Texas. Nisha was there, along with Liz and Jacqueline from our regional SCBWI group. It was wonderful to look out in the audience and see their smiling faces.

Especially, Nisha.

I arrived home after a successful afternoon to find the newest issue of the SCBWI bulletin in my mailbox. I fixed a cup of tea and settled down in my comfy chair to do my first of many read-thrus. To my pleasant surprise, Nisha's awaited article was there on page 23. She wrote Swing! this past summer. I was completely moved by the story when I first read it because not only do I know Nisha and the writer she is, but I also know the child she refers to in the story.

I know the writer, Nisha. The one who sometimes needs to be coaxed into taking that swing. The writer who sometimes hesitates to express herself through words. The writer, who like so many of us, allows fear to paralyze the pen.

But, page 23 proves that not only did she take that swing, but then she proceeded to sprint all three bases, and slide into home with style and grace. (We're talking SCBWI bulletin, Sista!)

Way to go, Nisha! I am so proud of my writing bestie.

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