Friday, September 9, 2011

The Grumpy Bug Syndrome - Living in the Land of the Blahs

Some days, I feel like The Grumpy Bug
Ugh, I rarely get in one of these moods. You know the kind where you question yourself. What the heck am I doing? Who do I think I am? What makes me think I can be a writer? Once the questioning begins, it's a downward spiral to the land of Blahs.

A little world-building here. The Blahs is the land of yucky feelings. Where the moody blues grabs a hold of your soul and squeezes all the happiness out, leaving you in a pitiful state. Once you've landed in the land of Blahs, it's quite difficult to escape. The Blahs force field holds you down, sometimes it'll even force you into a ditch, face first. The only way to pull yourself out of the land of Blahs is having faith in yourself, in what you're doing and who you are.

It's having the faith that's the hard part.

So, here I sit. On the border of Happy Me-ville and the land of Blahs, one foot in each world. Question is, where will I land? Hopefully, I'll feel better in the morning, but this evening, all I can wonder is, what the heck am I doing, and what makes me think I can be writer?


  1. Here's a rope. Grab ahold of it. Quick! I've seen your writing and I'm throwing you the rope. You don't belong in the Blahs. Trust me. Be determined to use that negative energy to pull you to a higher level of writing greatness. ((((HUGS))))

  2. I echo what Angelina has said ... and, as someone familiar with the blahs (blahs on steroids, actually), I'll put this out there: Some very honest, raw, poignant, connective writing can come from that uncertain place. I encourage you to write in the midst of it! (Additional hugs)

  3. Hugs welcome and enjoyed this morning! Thank you for your kind words. I'm working through some dark things at the moment, still questioning what I'm doing here, as a writer that is. I'm sure we all go through this.

    I know I should be using this negative energy for something positive, but can't quite reach it just yet.

    I'm still not feeling all that better, but I wanted to let you both know how much I appreciate your sweet thoughts. Hugs right back at y'all!

  4. Oh, and as for the rope, (thanks for the toss!) I've got a grip, holding on, I promise not to drown.

  5. I really hope the moment has passed Candy and that you're feeling a hundred percent again.

    I think it's part of the requirements of being a writer: Second guess everything, close to being institutionalized, thinks they suck at writing.

    Yup... every writer goes through that. Mine was earlier this week. Querying isn't an easy process and it drives me crazy and constantly makes me wonder if I'm good enough.

    I'm here to say YOU'RE DOING GREAT! Though this is my first time here I know that all writers should support one another, which is exactly what I'm doing. Supporting you. You can make it. Just believe in yourself.

  6. Aww, Jen, thank you for your sweet words. I really appreciate it.

    No, you're right, querying is tough. I go through spurts of querying. Right now, my children's pic books are just sitting there. I queried fast and furious for a year, and gave up on them. Sort of. I need to get back in the groove. Keep querying, it's the only way to get in!!

    I won't say I'm 100% better, but I'd say 50%. At least the frustrated tears stopped.


  7. Oh, I have those moments sometimes and I know how hard to snap out of it. Hope you will find something wonderful in your day to take your mind off the negative. I'm sending some good vibes your way :-) Feel better soon!

  8. Thanks for the good vibes, Angela! I appreciate your support:))

  9. Candy ~
    My best advice is this...(oh wait! who am I to offer advice to anyone?? lol..:)
    1. Have funniest girlfriends over/set up chat time with.
    2. Have one-to-two glasses of red wine (first of all, you'll be doing your heart a big favor, secondly, you'll find it easier to laugh at yourself, and lastly, you'll reach a nice little place where things don't seem so bad as 'all-that')
    3. Remember a phrase I've hung on to that my mom always says...,"This, too, shall pass."

    Here's to grabbing up your confidence quick!
    I'm stopping via the shout-out you got at Angela Orlowski-Peart's blog post. (Someone thinks you're fabulous, so do I :)
    ~ Nadja

  10. Wow, Nadja, that's some super advice! Thank you, thank you for stopping by and lending a cyber shoulder.

    To all you sweet peeps, I'm feeling much better today! And, after I clear my weekend emails, I plan to jump on the writing pony, and let her run with the wind!

  11. Candy ~
    Glad to do it...I've been 'taken-ill' with the grumpy bug a time or two. Thank you for your kind words on my blog page, too.

    Hope you're galloping along today! ~ Nadja

  12. Thanks, again Nadja for your support! I wrote today and things are much, much better. Still waiting on someone to come have wine with me though!