Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blog Awards and Great Video

I've been a very bad blog buddy this past week. Dear, sweet blogger,  S.L.Hennessy awarded me another Liebster Blog Award, thanks S.L.:)) She has a super blog over at:

K.T. Hanna (loving her blog!!! You must check it out!) Awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award!!!

Then Claire over at Crazy California Claire awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award! Wow, thanks, Claire!!! Check out her blog! 

I'm feeling some major Blogger love these days. Thanks, my fine bibliophile friends!!!

While I'm off working on my NPR 3-Minute Fiction story, Working on Deadline Revisions and writing my 2nd Campaign Challenge, have a looksee at this video. You may have seen it before, but for anyone who suffers from writer's block, it's a must-see! It's called George Lucas in Love

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