Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spiral-Bound Writer

I stared at my blog this morning trying to figure out why the background appealed to me when I'd found it. My eyes shifted to the spiral notebook buffet strewn about my desk, and then back to the tattered spiral page of my blog background. It dawned on me; I'm a spiral-bound writer. Every story idea, character name, plot note, setting idea, character description, stellar one-liner, I've create goes into a spiral notebook. 

A couple of weeks ago, we had a discussion on She Writes, the wonderful online writing community I belong to, about organizing writing notes or keeping track of submissions. I mentioned that I keep my information in notebooks, yes, even my submission histories. There was a lot of talk about different computer programs or online servers such as Query Tracker to keep the writer organized electronically. I tried signing up with Query Tracker, but call me dumb, I can't figure out how to add the agents / queries I've already sent.

So, for now, I'll stick to my notebooks; it's how I roll.

Looking back on my school career, many (many) years ago, I remember one of my favorite things was having a cute spiral. Kitten or puppy covered, wild horses, sparkled or glittered, funky chic; spirals were my thing. I'm tickled to admit, they still are.

The spiral I'm carrying right now has a hard cover, brown and orange swirls, maple leaves and dragonflies on the cover. I picked it up two years ago for my YA notebook. It accompanied me on my dusty trek west two summers ago in search of a story. It contains all of my notes, leaf samples, daily adventures, and every single detail I gathered on my trip, tucked (or taped) inside.

When I look at the tattered spiral page on my blog background, I smile, thinking back to my younger writing days. It is who I am. It's nice to know, I've always been a spiral-bound writer, and I always will be.


  1. My mom used to buy me what was called back then "Doodle pads", which were basically white 8 1/2 x 11 drawing tablets. I wrote stories and illustrated on them. Still today, I am most drawn to pure white paper for my rough drafts and notes. Funny how old habits stick.

  2. Yes, I know what you mean, Catherine. I still love the scent of clean white paper. It invokes creativity in my mind. Give me a sheet of paper, and the hand automatically goes into overdrive with a pen.