Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Out of Hacker Hell-Sort of...

A huge apology goes out to all of my followers. By the looks of my home page, it seems that my followers have been removed, or they've removed themselves due to my recent, unfortunate hacking issue.

A wee bit of advice, when "Google Accounts" emails you telling you they are checking on people with multiple email addresses, and they "need verification that all accounts are being used," don't fall for it. The hacker actually copy & pasted a form from Google into an email to me, making the scam look legit. It even stated that if I did NOT reply, my accounts would be terminated within 48 hours.

I made two crucial errors: I fell for it, and I used the same password for all 3 emails and both blogs. :((( Welcome to Hacker Hell.

Never again will I be so naive.

So far, I've been able to recover one email and one of my blogs, minus my followers. Hacker Hell is a miserable place to be. I hope the person in California, working out of Egypt, gets what he/she deserves--my advice to this pathetic person, get a real job like every other normal person on this planet.

Again, I apologize to my readers.


  1. Sorry you've had such a hard time, I would find it extremely difficult to be the victim of such brutal hacking. I'm sending sister love out to you and believing that you are WAY stronger than the jerk who did this to you! Best wishes, Elizabeth.

  2. Thanks for your sisterly love, Elizabeth! It's been a trying week for me. I'm in Chicago for a funeral, a bittersweet one at that, and with the hacking, I've been somewhat distracted. Thanks for your sweet thoughts. ;)