Saturday, May 21, 2011

Followers are Back

My followers showed back up on my blog, a positive step forward. Now, if I could only recover my main email, life would be semi-back-to-norm.


  1. Wow, hacker hell sounds truly dreadful. Glad you figured it out. Did you also do a redesign? It's nice, seems different...

  2. It was dreadful, good choice of words. It's gotten me so worked up, I am timid to be online. I'd gotten comfortable with my blog, and considered it a "safe" place. I know I've gotten security back with changing passwords and security codes and such, but I somewhere in the back of my mind I still feel vulnerable. I guess that'll subside with time.

    Yes, I gave my home page a simple format. I'm still searching for "my look," which I'm yet to find. For now, this will do.

    Hope things are going well with you! Slowly, but surely I'm coming back around. Look forward to visiting your blog, too!