Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Acorn is Reborn

Alright, so he's not reborn, I just had to rhyme-it one more time. I sat down this afternoon and reworked Little Acorn's Big Fall. Do you realize how difficult it is to un-rhyme a story? It didn't take me very long, only an hour or so. The story came out to 850 words. It's 900, as a rhyming ms. 

I struggled with each line, because the natural tendency with Little A. is to rhyme! I had to laugh. The story plot flowed easily; it was the wordage that hung me up.

I'm not sure now, which one I like better. Perhaps, I'll send the non-rhyming version to the folks who axed rhyming in their submission guidelines. 

I'm curious whether I should resubmit the new manuscript to those who've rejected the first? It's the same plot, but different text...hmm? Probably not, I'm guessing.

I wonder what the agent, who requested the full weeks ago, would think about the new version.

The left side of my brain says, "Send it out, let's see what happens. Just get er' done!" 

However, the right side, the side I most often am ruled by, says, "How dare you betray, Little A.? Nobody wants to hear what he originally had to say!"


  1. I'm sorry you had to tear your "masterpiece" apart!! :{

  2. That's all part of the writing life, I guess. Thanks for your sweet thoughts! :))