Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Written Word vs. Canine Companion

From my daily dose of Inkygirl.com:

This ever happen to you? I'm sure my day is coming. My new German Shep, Glen Ellen, has to nuzzle, lick, and mouth everything that's mine.

I make sure now, when I leave the house, my eyeglasses are out of her paw's reach, my notebooks are safely tucked in the desk drawers, and the top of my desk is free and clear of cluttered notes. 

I returned home one afternoon last week to find all the contents, previously arranged on my desk, littered about the floor. Glen Ellen looked at me, wagging her tail, "Mommy's home, my mommy's home!"

I didn't want to admit that my sweet, loyal girl would do such a monstruous thing! However, staring me in the face, were numerous Glen Ellen nose smudges on the window above my desk.

One day, she'll catch me unprepared, and feast upon my words. My only hope is that I have the work saved on a computer somewhere. 


  1. Don't forget to hide the wicker basket that contains all of the misc. stuff. I speak from experience.My grandpuppy Elvis loves wicker--the taste.

  2. Oh, the wicker basket...I have two, one on each side of the desk. You mean to say, they're next?!? Yikes!
    Btw, can't recall the author, but I read a cute mystery a couple of years ago with a talking dog named Elvis. Let me do some research and I'll post the author's name. I do recall they had a "southern" theme, too.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi, Candy! This is my first time here (stopping by from She Writes). My dog hasn't eaten my "homework" YET, but a pair of sun glasses, a murano vase, a Greek pot have fallen in the path of destruction ;-) Looking forward to reading more of your posts. I'm following you now :D


  4. Hello, Sam! Thank you tons for stopping by and appreciate your comment! Your post reminded me of a horrible college incident.

    My roommate and I woke one morning, and she reached over to the nightstand, groping for her eyeglasses. She was legally blind without them. I jumped out of bed to help her and stepped on something sharp. I reached down and pulled a chunk of plastic out of my foot; there in my hand, was a broken piece of the frame of her glasses.

    My dog at the time, had made mincemeat out of her spectacles! Shattered lenses, the frames in tiny shards, I collected the pieces while she cried on the side of the bed. I gathered her up, helped her get dressed, and we headed to the eye doctor.

    She and laugh now about the incident, but at the time, I could've given that dog away to a stranger on the street!

    I look at my G. Ellen, and the chewed up croc on my right foot, and shake my head. Pets, gotta love em'!

    Thanks for following my blog; hope you enjoy!