Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm Back in the Wagon Again

Yippie ki-yay, I'm back to writing my YA! 
(Historical Fiction w / a twist of fantasy)

I'm proud to announce that I've climbed back in the wagon again. It must have been all of the hemming and hawing I've been doing! I know my family is fed up with hearing about this story. "Would you just finish already!"

After posting about using Alpha readers, my creative juices were tapped, and the ideas started flowing.

I opened the document, wrote an alternate beginning, one that is action-packed, and one where my mc hits the ground running. I cut out a ton of back story in the alternate. I saved both, and I will share them with my select readers.

I scrolled down to page 197, and I stared at the cursor blinking next to the 80,152nd word. I went back two pages to bring myself back up to speed.

It's time to strap the yoke on the ole' team of oxen, hook em' to the wagon, and let her roll!


  1. You can do it. When I did the same it was magical!

  2. Thanks for your support, Valerie! I'm thrilled to be working on the ms, once again. ~C.

  3. Good for you for going back to your story. I think it's so much better when you get some distance from it for a while. Going back you have a whole new perspective and it's so much easier to cut the scenes you see now don't work! Have fun with it too.:)

    When I went back to my story I changed my first chapter over and over until it read as I wanted it to read and introduced my character properly. I don't think you can write a good first chapter until you have finished the entire book. So don't feel like you have to constantly tweak it until you finish. Then see how it works with the rest of the story. I know I tweaked mine all the way up to the last minute when I subbed it.

  4. Thank you, Samantha! I've set my alarm early the past two mornings just to wake up and write. :))

  5. I agree, Lionmother. I thought about my characters for months. My husband kept asking, "Now, where's Josey?" and I'd have to answer, "Still stuck in the abandonded train station." Little did I know that he knew I was stuck, and he was trying to ignite the fire under my rear!

    But, I had to WANT to go back and finish. Now, I can't keep my nose out of it, nor can I stop thinking of what they'll do next! The excitement I'm feeling is like it was in the beginning, two summers ago.

    I also agree that the new 1st chapter I wrote will probably not be my last! :)

    Thanks for stopping by to ALL my visitors! I appreciate your comments.

  6. Historical fiction with a twist of fantasy sounds really compelling! Saw your link over at YAlitchat. Following you now. Come visit my blog if you like! I'm over at
    I'm working on a YA magical realist novel. Cheers! Catherine

  7. Hi, Catherine! Thanks for stopping in. Don't you just love the blog thing? It's a great way to connect with others.

    Magical Realist sounds intriguing! I just breezed over to your blog, and I'm already fascinated about your self-pub post. I'll log back on later today and read more. I'm off to play in the garden. Gotta get the corn in the ground!

    Thanks again, and looking forward to chatting with you!

  8. I went to a workshop on creativity recently and was reminded that "incubation," as the teacher called it, is a vital part of the process. Letting ideas sit, steep, rest in the quiet spaces of our brains until they are ready to run again is so important. Often we feel like we just have to write, write, write, write. And, while it is true that nothing will get written if we don't actually put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), the time spent mulling ideas is not wasted either.

    Best of luck as you gallop off again!

  9. So, I was incubating? I like it. I wonder if I can add incubation to my list of hobbies or gifts! :))

    Thanks for stopping by, Shannon, and following!