Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Heart Blogger

At this very moment, I'm on my knees, worshiping the folks at Blogger. (No, I'm not being paid for this!) I'm just a blogger who successfully transferred my writing blog from another blogging site, with only a click of a few keys.

I manage another Blogger page for my yoga business, and Blogger is extremely user friendly (my opinion, of course). 

I've fretted over the past couple of weeks at the thought of switching my writing blog over to Blogger. I found the other site confusing and difficult to manage. I've never claimed to be a web princess.

Trust me when I say this, anyone can do it.

If you'd like instructions on how to transfer your current blog (and all your posts and info) to Blogger, google "how to transfer *****blog to Blogger," yes, it's that simple. 

*I'd post the link to the instructions, however, it mentions the other company's name. I'd be happy to try and help via email.

Good luck!

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