Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hey, All You Janet Evanovich Fans...

(Thanks to J.E.'s website for this image.

Get ready fans, empty your bladders, decide if you're for Morelli or Ranger, and hold on tight for the movie we've all been waiting for! On June 3, 2011, One for the Money will be released in theaters.

I, for one, (no pun intended) can't wait! Check out Janet E.'s link: about the movie release.

If you've never read One for the Money, go out today, buy it, and read it! It is steamy, laugh-out-loud (and wet-your-pants) funny, a quick-paced read, and you'll fall in love with Stephanie and her hilarious, unfortunate-at-times life. I was hooked from the first page--my nose was stuck permanently inside the book until it was finished. Lucky for me, I didn't discover the series until the first 3 were out, so I was able to book it (sorry, again. I really am not trying to pun this post.) to the store and snatch up the next two.

I'm waiting on spiny sticker burrs for Smokin' Seventeen. Yes, they go that high. For me, they just keep getting more delicious by the book.

Join me for the wait, and let me know who your favorite character is! Mine is Grandma Mazur. Here is a quote from J.E.'s website about G. Mazur:

Grandma Mazur - Stephanie's doorknob-kneed, ancient, yet spry grandmother. Notable quote: "I shot that sucker right in the gumpy."

Grandma's appetite for hanging out at the funeral parlor is what I love most about her! Well, that and...oh, forget it, I'll let you read for yourself.

And, for the record, I can't decide who I have more of a hankering for, Joe Morelli or Ranger...they're both super, great characters, each with their own unique badness (in a good sort of way) and appeal. Who's your favorite?

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