Friday, December 31, 2010

To all the jobs I've had before...

Thank you for making me well-rounded!

My husband of over twenty years and I were driving home from dinner the other night. We were discussing my newest employment endeavor. Of course, he always has to throw in the, “I hope you find something new soon, because I can’t afford to send you to trapeze artist school.” As IF they had a school for that.

I grew agitated when he began recalling all of the jobs or trainings I’ve had since I became a working class citizen. I crossed my arms, pursed my lips and stared out the window. I do this when I’m irritated with him or when he listens to talk radio while were traveling, which makes me want to poke my eyeballs out with a splintered stick.

My J-o-b-s are listed chronologically below: (I will mention here, I’ve only been fired once, but hired back the next day when my boss came to his senses. So, I like to say I've never been fired!)

Grocery store cashier
Sandwich princess at Subway
Assistant at a printing press (yes, I actually helped run the machines)
House cleaner
Receptionist at a car dealership
File clerk in same dealership
Geisha girl in Japanese Karaoke bar (while we were stationed in Okinawa)
Leasing consultant (for all of 42 days)
Cashier at a hardware store (they hired me 5 months pregnant!)
Day-care teacher of schoolers (lasted 9 days, my child got extremely ill there!)
Receptionist at a title company
Real Estate assistant (quit after he wrote me a hot paycheck!)
Orthodontist assistant
Mommy a 2nd time!
Avon Representative (lasted 4 months—spent more than I made)
Master Gardner class
Gardener / Sales at garden shop
Real Estate assistant (same agent, what? People deserve 2nd chances!)
Sales Representative for an ad-specialty company
Gardener / Sales at garden shop (again)
Jr. College (wanted to be a teacher)
Substitute teacher
Teacher aide for kindergarten
Teacher aide for resource / special education
Yoga teacher training
Yoga instructor
Library Assistant (until October 2010)

Let’s just say while he was busy reminiscing and laughing and trying desperately to remember all of my previous jobs, he forget seven of the above which I’ve included for my own enjoyment. The holiday lights I observed out the car window that evening lifted my spirits, plus, I knew deep down his comments were all in fun.

I am sitting here tapping away at the computer on December 31, 2010 and thinking of all the wonderful jobs I’ve been given the opportunity to have. I’m still a mom, a gardener, a writer and a yoga instructor. These four occupations are the upmost fulfilling for me as a human being. Think about it. Find a job that makes you jump up and down.

Being a mother, I get the ultimate enjoyment in life of watching my two beautiful daughters grow into incredible people. It’s one of the toughest and rewarding jobs in the world. My job as a mother is never finished, I’m always on-call and my only payment is the love I see in their eyes and watching them succeed. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

As a gardener, I’m an artist. A creator. Gardening, like mothering, is rewarding. I only choose to garden at home now, so, I don’t get paid for it. My payoffs come in the spring when my roses stop traffic on the highway in front of our home.

Writing…ah, writing. Writing is how I spell r-e-l-i-e-f. It’s an escape, a chance for my creativity to explore the cavernous corners of my imaginative brain. Plus, I can get paid for it!

Yoga. Is there a more peaceful word? Say it aloud. Yoga. Don’t you just want to slide into downward facing dog? I’m about to embark on my newest employment endeavor I mentioned at the beginning of this post. Once again, I go back to yoga where I can share with others the beauty of the ancient practice. If I was rich, I’d teach it for free. But, I’m not.

There you go, sweet husband of mine, look at my long list of jobs and weep (or leap!) because you’ve only had five.


  1. I posted this entry on She Writes, the online writing community I belong to. One of the comments made named me a "Jane of all trades". I'm thinking of retitling this post...

  2. You forgot to mention:

    Vegetable grower! i.e. tomatoes, zuccini, summer squash, cucumers, broccoli, cauliflour, lettuce, cabbage, to name a few
    Egg farmer! Green eggs, brown eggs, pink eggs,, and yes, even white eggs!

    You go girl!!!

  3. Lol, MIL. I was only counting occupations or trainings which lead to jobs. If listing various household / farm chores was to be included, the list would *never* end. i.e. dishes, dusting, laundry, feeding the animals...

  4. This is awesome!
    Your last line made me laugh right out loud!

  5. you forgot volunteer vegetable planter, picker and chicken slaughterer

  6. Oh, yeah, I did! And, I also forgot lunch lady! Yes, I was a lunch lady for 9 days, until I lost the biscuit maker, which was just a empty tin can!