Thursday, October 28, 2010

Texas Gardener Publishes Article!

Texas Gardener magazine accepted one of my articles in late August. It will appear in the November / December 2010 issue that will be released soon. It is an article about preserving tomatoes in the fall, including an easy tomato soup recipe and a list of my favorite tomato varieties.

It is on page 12 in the "Between Neighbors" section. Texas Gardener is a unique magazine specifically for Texas gardeners, written by Texas Gardeners. The magazine is filled with seasonal gardening articles and helpful tips. It has been in publication for 30 years.

This is my second published article by Texas Gardener. I hope to have additional articles accepted in the future.

You can find Texas Gardener magazine in many different stores in the gardening section on the magazine aisle. If you are lucky enough to be a subscriber of Texas Gardener, your Nov. / Dec. issue should be arriving any day.

If you'd like to subscribe to Texas Gardener magazine, visit their website at


  1. I plan to give subscriptions this year, so my friends can read your work, and enjoy more information about Texas gardening! Congratulations on having your article published in Texas Gardener Magazine! Can't wait to read it.

  2. Subscriptions would be a great gift! I'm sure TG will appreciate them! I myself need to subscribe, again. I find myself on the great TG hunt every two months searching for the newest issue. I have years of back issues saved from my past subscription. It's time to renew. Thanks for the support!