Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Writer's Conference

This Saturday, September 18, I am attending my first writer's con. I was excited until this morning, when I woke extremely nervous. The question, "What if the person reviewing my first 10 pages dislikes my writing?" keeps running through my mind. I submitted the first 10 pages of my children's mystery chapter book two months ago. I'm not sure who is reviewing the pages, however, they've had plenty of time to ponder the pages!

How will I accept positive feedback? I know better than to jump up and down, shouting for glee, like a young child receiving her first shiny, red balloon. However, will I be able to contain my excitement?

What if he or she thinks the writing is terrible or the idea is ridiculous? Will I be able to remove my heart from my shoulder and protect it from harm's way?

Only time will tell.

Either way, I promise to report back next week with the outcome. Wish me luck!