Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Daily Walk Triggers Storyline

Last week, I'm walking the paths of our property, staring at the ground to watch for snakes, when a young boy's story popped into my head. At first, I pushed the thoughts away, thinking I was getting too distracted from my snake watch. However, with each step, a story unfolded in my mind. I could see the young character as plain as day in my mind. I was familiar with his personality. He whispered his story in my ears while I walked. Heartbreaking, but he conquers it triumphantly in the end.

I didn't even come in and wipe the sweat from my forehead before I grabbed my notebook and pencil and wrote the storyline down. I mean, it came to me for a reason, right?

I'll file it away for future use. At this point, I cannot let my "creative procrastination" steer me from the novel I'm working on now.

Sometimes I marvel at the functions of a creative mind. They can be counter-productive, yet fascinating.


  1. Knee high boots or "snake leggings" and you could focus on the story line. A portable recording device "I-Phone" Voice Memos = walking, talking, recording thoughts, book in the making!

  2. I am fascinated. Can hardly wait to read this story. You GO girl !

  3. Funny, Poppy. I'll consider the iphone, however knee high boots + marathon training = 2 sore feet!

  4. something BIG is in the works for you....I can just feel it!

  5. Thanks, Nisha! Just yesterday evening I took a quick walk to the back of the property. It was drizzling, but I hadn't been for a walk for a couple of days and I needed it!

    Half way to the back, another short story was born. Just like that. I came home and wrote 800 words for a magazine short story. If you're finished critiquing "Perfect Match," I have a new one for ya!